Show Rundown

#1033: A Huge Bag of Crab

Original Air Date: 08.14.2010
Show Open Topic

Ray presents his million-dollar business idea: undercover salesmen.

Call 1

Kelli Ohrtman (Canab, Utah)

A driving and relationship question. Fiance drives her car, and shifts early--going 30mph in 5th gear. Engine makes a lot of noise, she wants him to stop doing it, but he thinks she's nagging. Is it doing damage? It may be--it sounds like he's lugging the engine, which is bad--can lead to knocking and pinging. If he won't accept this, he shouldn't drive her car. It's not nagging, because she's right.

Call 2

Frank Sepernia (Los Angeles, California)

A towing/fire question. Tow truck driver--was towing a Chevy 4x4, heard loud bangs, and the Chevy exploded into flames! Was told it was the tranny--has wanted to know ever since if a transmission can catch fire while a car is being towed. Yes, it can. He was towing with rear wheels on the ground instead of on a flat-bed. That, along with the combination of a long drive, a hot day, and a leaking transmission could cause fire. Lucky he got the Chevy disconnected, so his tow truck didn't also explode!

Call 3

Annette Jones (Anchorage, Alaska)

Smell. Was given a huge bag of frozen king crabs, left them in the car overnight, they de-frosted, crab juice got all over the place, now she can't get the smaell out of the car. Dealer wants $5000 to replace the carpet. Other options? Take it to a body shop first and let them work on it. All the interior carpet will likely have to be removed, but it may be cheaper, and they may have the chemicals to get the stink out. By the way, the crabs were delicious.

Call 4

Joe Degenhart (Ephreta, Pennsylvania)

A suspension question. When he makes a right hard turn, he hears a metal on metal grinding sound coming from the left rear. Noise goes away as he straightens the wheel. It's likely the rear axle bearing, a few hundred dollars to fix. He can wait--as it gets worse, it'll start making the noise all the time.

Call 5

Chelsea Petty (, Mississippi)

Several problems: 1.A squealing noise that sounds like it's coming from a front tire. 2. sounds like 'crickets committing suicide'--chirping under the hood. 3. At times, car seems to hesitate from a stop, or climbing, feels like it's going to die. 4. Occasionally won't start after she's been driving, and turned car off for an hour or so. Cranks, eventually she can pump gas and get it to go. Been to several mechanics, several diagnoses--all of which the guys say are bogus. T&R's answers: 1. Brake wear sensor, or stuck brake. 2. Fuel pump. 3. Bad air flow sensor, or bad injector--should turn on check engine light. 4. Bad crank sensor, or coil. Overall, find a new mechanic, and leave it with him until he can reproduce all the problems. These may be top of the iceberg, and the car is saying "TRADE ME IN!"

Call 6

Kelsey Hildebrandt (Mount Pleasant, Michigan)

She ran over a curb about a month ago, and now every time she turns left, her car makes a popping or a thud noise, especially if it is uphill. She's about to make a long road trip. Could have broken a motor mount, or could have broken the stabilizer link. Find a mechanic in Mount Pleasant before she drives back to Minnesota.

Call 7

Nathan Graber (Denver, Colorado)

Just got diagnosed with several problems--he's 'broke as a joke', wants to know which he has to deal with, and which he can pass on. Needs new tires; coolants leaks and car overheats when he changes altitude; needs hood struts; and right outer axle is bent. most pressing problem is tires-- replace those. Overheating may be clogged radiator, or bad thermostat. Test the radiator, replace it if necessary. Other stuff can wait.

Call 8

Elissa Denton (Burlington, Vermont)

She and her boyfriend are planning to build a house, and tow it to the Southwest, where they will relocate. Can truck handle it? Guys say it depends on how it's equipped--check to see if it has the towing package and V8 engine. If not, don't do it. Guys are also not crazy about towing something this big for such a long distance. Suggest getting materials in Vermont, but assembling the house wherever they win up. Or build the house out of adobe brick.