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#1035: The Roulette Wheel of Misfortune

Original Air Date: 08.28.2010
Show Open Topic

The roulette wheel of auto-misfortune

Call 1

Barbara Nowak (Franklin, Tennessee)

horn - it won't stop honking when she steps on the brake.

Call 2

James (Denmark, South Carolina)

He's hauling 1400lbs plus a 5500lb trailer once a week. Is he ruining the brakes? Can the truck handle it?

Call 3

Charlie Rafferty (, New Mexico)

Stalling - after it warms up for 30 min, the car dies.

Call 4

Jennie (, California)

Her car has been broken into several times over the last six months. She needs an anti-theft device short of an alarm. Tom and Ray suggest she put a note on the dash saying no radio/no cash. And a snake on the seat.

Call 5

Mary Beth (, Connecticut)

Stump the Chumps: She put diesel in her car by mistake. The dealer wanted $4000 to replace the entire fuel system. Tom and Ray said she could just flush the system. They were right!

Call 6

Nathan Gulash (Denver, Colorado)

Every 6,000 miles he gets a pulsing in the brake pedal. Can he fix this himself?

Call 7

Ed (, North Carolina)

His windshield wipers to the "hoochie-coo" as they skitter across the windshield. Does he need new wipers? The guys suggest that since he's parking under a tree, that sap is sticking to the windshild, making them bounce as they wipe.

Call 8

Erin McKeon (Northbridge, Massachusetts)

Rehab or not? Her husband's car is sitting in a barn and needs to relocate. It hasn't been driven in 20 years. He wants to tow it to their house. She wants to send it to her dad's house. But her mother doesn't want it. Tom and Ray talk to the mother to try to convince her it's a great idea.

Call 9

Maha (, Texas)

This was a police car he bought at auction - feels like he's being hit from behind when he stops at a red light.

Call 10

Hollie Brandt (, Wisconsin)

Leak in the door panel. She needs tips on how to investigate where the water is coming in.