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#1037: Leapin' Lizards!

Original Air Date: 09.11.2010
Show Open Topic

The options list for King Tut's chariot.

Call 1

Bernard Christiansen (, California)

His car is making a weird noise, that sounds like farting, Intermittent, but will happen in all gears, if he is parked, or moving. He feels an overwhelming urge to say "excuse me" when it happens. Tom and Ray are pretty sure it's something in the fuel system not venting properly. As it gets worse, should turn on Check Engine light. Take it to the dealer--msy be a bulletin, and car is still under warranty.

Call 2

Chrissy Hodges (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

AC/relationship. She and her boyfriend disagree about using AC while climbing mountain pass. She thinks keeping AC on robs power from car, makes it more difficult to climb. Boyfriend thinks she's imagining it. Tom and Ray say she's right, in theory. AC can take power from engine, but it would cycle itself off. She can turn AC on and off herself, or drive with windows closed and AC off, but boyfriend will get hot, sweaty, and stinky.

Call 3

John Auburn (Whidbey Island, Washington)

He lent to a neighbor, who let the battery run down. So he bought a new battery, but installed it backwards. Smoke started to come from the starter solenoid, so he ripped it out. He bought another battery, installed it properly, but smoke started coming out again. He must have melted other wires in the harness, including the ones that went to the solenoid. He needs to open up the wiring harness, and see what wires are melted. The damage might be so extensive that it is might be time to dump the truck.

Call 4

Leah Pickett (Jackson, Mississippi)

She was coming home from the grocery store and gecko popped out. She thinks it hitched a ride on her asparagus. It crawled underneath the dashboard. She's worried about it eating wires, or being a female and having babies. How can she get it out? Tom and Ray don't have many suggestions, other than to go to Farmer's Markets and leave the windows open so ir may hop onto other produce.

Call 5

Harvey Solomon (Tacoma Park, Maryland)

He needs a new car, and assumed he'd get a new Accord. Test drove a Mazda 6, and like the 'blind spot detection' feature--then drove an Accord, without blind spot detection, and almost crashed into someone in his blind spot. Is blind spot detection worth changing for? Tom and Ray think it is, as cars have bigger blind spots than they used to. But, Honda will probably add the feature in the next year or two, so if he really wants an Accord, he should get something that can tie him over.

Call 6

Adam Bennett (San Diego, California)

Girlfriend lent him her car while she's away on business. He went off-roading, and now can't get it out of 4-Wheel Drive. He has an appointment to take it to the dealer the day she's coming back-will it get fixed in time? Probably not--he likely damaged the linkage, and it will likely take couple of days. He should try to distract her with a getaway, and have the friend pick up the car while they're away.

Call 7

Brooke Ariste (Tuscon, Arizona)

Only when she turns to the left, there is a sound like water rushing underneath the dashboard on the bottom passenger side of the car. Tom and Ray think it is water, because evaporator drains are plugged with debris. Easy fix--get them blown out.

Call 8

James Gallen (Gainesville, Florida)

It's his mom's car. He drove it to work and thought he was about to run out of gas, After work, car wouldn't start, so he added gas from a can, and managed to drop a pen cap into the tank. Worried car will explode when he returns it to Mom. Is it dangerous? Tom and Ray say car won't explode--the cap is plastic like most of the gas tank--it'll just sit in there until someone cleans out the filter. Shouldn't cause any problem.

Call 9

Lauren Zakalik (Lansing, Michigan)

Every time it rains, or is damp, he driver side vent makes a whirling sound like a child's toy that you blow into--sort of like a kazoo. Seems to be coming from the upper vent on the driver's side, and it's intermittent. Tom and Ray think something may have dropped into the vent, and the dashboard should be taken apart to find it. They spin the roulette wheel!