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#1038: Coke Vs Dr Pepper

Original Air Date: 09.18.2010
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Tommy shares a favorite joke from the "Hope Springs Eternal" Department.

Call 1

Mary Lou Brown (Washington, District Of Columbia)

A question about heating/cooling. She bought the car used. when AC is on and she moves the temp control, gets smell of maple syrup from the vents. Did the previous owners eat breakfast in the car? No, the smell is anti-freeze leaking. Check with the dealer. May be a recall or TSB on it.

Call 2

Chris Wiltsee (, Michigan)

A question about a noise in the engine. The car was stored for two years--when he got it back, he started hearing grinding noise coming from the engine when he stepped on the accelerator, while the car isn't moving, or he's accelerating from a dead stop. Tom and Ray think the noise is still there when he goes faster, it's just getting drowned out by other noises. Could be loose timing belt, bad distributor, bad timing belt tensioner--should be easy to fugure out with the help of a stethoscope.

Call 3

Kay Law (, Texas)

A question about starting. The truck wouldn't start, battery was corroded. Remembered Dad's advice to pour Coke on a dead battery to remove the corrosion--but she only has Dr. Pepper. Will that work? Tom and Ray think it's likely the phosphoric acid in the Coke that works...but not sure. Say they'll consult their friend, physicist Jim Davis.

Call 4

Kara Stoner (, Utah)

A clutch question. She works with a rafting company, they have a fleet of trucks, and they have a recurring problem with them popping out of 2nd gear. Are they trying to tow too much? Tom and Ray think she's either staying in 2nd gear too long, or, more likely, keeping her hand on the shifter, wearing out the synchro. Either change her driving style, or buy automatics.

Call 5

Ralph Armstrong (Monroe, Louisiana)

Stump the Chumps: he's got a tapping/clicking sound coming from under the dash. Tom and Ray thought it was a loose/stuck door in the ventilation system. Right answer!

Call 6

Adia Angelina (, Massachusetts)

battery. Just moved to Boston, and her battery got stolen. Dealer said it's impossible, that she must have left hood open. Also, why would someone steal the battery from an old Civic. Guys say it's difficult but not impossible to get the battery. Thieves took it because they knew she'd replace it and they could

Call 7

Edward Onessimo (, Massachusetts)

An engine/electrical question. He has replaced 4 distributors, but they keep failing--car dying, etc. Is something killing them? Tom and Ray think he's just getting rebuilt distributors from a bad batch.

Call 8

Gianna Holle (, California)

A humming noise coming from near rear end when she starts the car. Husband thinks it's the fuel pump. Husband is right--likely needs a new fuel pump.

Call 9

Lynn Durham (Lexington, South Carolina)

buying/selling/marital question about killing cars. They have three old cars, wants to get rid of them but her husband won't let her. She has a long commute, and worries about breaking down. Wants to find a way to poison them without her husband noticing! Can she use oleander, or stick a hole in the radiator? Tom and Ray say she can do that, but might be better to try reasoning with hubby. Tell him she doesn't feel safe, and if he doesn't agree, give him a cot in the garage.