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#1040: The Dr. Pepper Experiment

Original Air Date: 10.02.2010
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share wisdom from kids.

Call 1

Molly Cunningham (, Pennsylvania) - 1995 Nissan Altima

When she lets up the clutch she hears a noise; it sounds like a muffled cowbell or a spoon against a coffee can. Guys think it's a bad motor mount or a loose joint on front flex pipe. She can test the clutch herself, but it may be better to take it in--mechanic should find it quickly.

Call 2

Andy Reayellears (Seattle, Washington) - 1986 Mazda Pickup

He blew several radiator hoses, and cooked the engine and now has to replace the head--found one in a junkyard for $30. Can he do the job himself? Guys say he should go for it, but should try doing the rings at the same time.

Call 3

Jim Davis (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

He's a chemist who wanted to follow-up with Kay's call in episode 1036 about using Dr. Pepper instead of Coke on a corroded battery. He did some lab tests and found Dr. Pepper should work as well as Coke. Phosphoric acid is the key ingredient.

Call 4

Kathleen Speed (, Washington) - Subaru

She was driving home, when she started smelling smoke, and found the front passenger wheel hub burning. Her husband thinks it's the car's hill hold malfunctioning. Guys disagree--since it's only one wheel, it's more likely a brake problem on that wheel--a frozen or stuck caliper.

Call 5

Steve George (Amherst, Massachusetts) - 1993 Eagle Summit

When he turns steering wheel to left, the side electric passenger side view mirror starts to twitch--about once per second. If he turns hard right, it stops. The problem could be in the switch, or a bad relay, or a chafed wire from the tranny or linkage that's causing the circuit to ground.

Call 6

Janet Doherty (Gustavus, Arkansas)

In her small town, people stop and talk to each other. Is it better for car to let it idle, or shut it off? It depends on the age of car--if they have carburetors, it's better to shut them off after about 5 minutes. More modern cars would be fine to keep running.

Call 7

Max Bauermeister (, North Carolina) - Ford Mustang

A local quarry has a Mustang in it- if he fishes it out, is there a chance it will run? Likely won't be rusted--no oxygen under water, but it will rust quickly once it hits land, so he shouldn't let it sit, and lube everything immediately.