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#1041: Pre-Disastered Truck for Sale

Original Air Date: 10.09.2010
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The difference between Harvard students and MIT students.

Call 1

Annalise Nelson (, New York) - 1984 Honda Prelude

At idle, her RPM's will suddenly drop from 1,000 to 0. The car also stalls. Guys think problem is likely carburetor related. Engine may be flooding. Could also be weak spark or bad coil. She'll need to find an older mechanic, who knows how to work on carburetors. It may not be worth fixing, since parents will likely buy her a new car when she graduates in May.

Call 2

Ethan Smith (Missoula, Montana) - 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

His truck was struck by lightning while he was driving it. Mechanics found no damage. Mow he wants to sell the truck. Should he divulge the lightning strike? Guys say he should--could be a selling point, that the truck is 'pre-disastered'!

Call 3

Amy Sommer (Durham, North Carolina) - 1990 Ford Escort

Gas gauge not working--indicates she has more gas than she really does, especially below half a tank. Does low fuel warning light still work? If fuel tank got bent and float not working, light won't work either. She can have someone check the tank, or she can experiment, and drive with spare gas until light comes on and car runs out of gas.

Call 4

Ben Strader (Austin, Texas) - 2000 Volvo V70

He hears a popping, grinding sound like small pebbles--thought marbles were in passenger door panel. It's worse on turns or in 4th gear. Ray says it's a classic sound of a bad tire/tread separation.

Call 5

Linda Gross (Lake W0llenpawpak, Pennsylvania) - 1994 Chevrolet Suburban

She bought a used Suburban from a Fargo farmer, after their old Suburban burst into flames. This car starts on its own, at random times. It has a remote starter, but the sending part doesn't work. Receiving end of starter is getting a signal--from radio interference, or someplace else. Disconnect that part from the battery.

Call 6

Kendall Delcambre (, Louisiana) - 1992 Mazda Protege

Headlights have gotten progressively dimmer. Has replaced bulbs, checked alternator and battery, and made sure lights not misdirected. Problem is likely the headlight itself--plastic has gotten scratched up, since that doesn't get replaced when the bulbs get changed.

Call 7

Tommy (, New Hampshire)

In cold weather when he shifts from reverse into drive, the engine revs but car won't go. It gets better after 5 minutes. Wants to avoid a transmission shop. Bad news, sounds like he needs a new transmission.

Call 8

Sue BAsalla (, Virginia) - 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Her boyfriend thinks she's a stink-o driver, because she's had several near miss accidents and gotten tickets for running red lights. She says it's just because he makes her nervous. Tom and Ray think she probably is a stink-o driver because of incidents she's had alone in the car.