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#1043: The Forgetful Dealer

Original Air Date: 10.23.2010
Show Open Topic

What's friendship, really? Tom and Ray share a friendship poem that's anything but mushy.

Call 1

Chris Highfield (Northfield, Vermont) - 1990 Subaru Loyale

When he turns more then 180 degrees on a freeway ramp, the car sputters and loses power. Then when he hits the gas, he gets bluish-whitish smoke from the tailpipe. It's been doing this for 3 1/2 years. Car has a horizontally-opposed engine. Ray thinks that on turns, centrifugal force is causing oil to build up in valve cover, then oil is sucked in through worn seals, causing the smoke. If it's not getting worse he doesn't need to worry.

Call 2

Joe Wallace (Boise, Idaho) - 1990 Dodge Colt

His car pops out of 4th Gear. A friend thinks it's the tranny but Joe thinks it's the clutch. The friend's guess is closer. Joe can go to a junkyard to try to find a used one, or use a bungee cord to keep it in 4th.

Call 3

Martha (, West Virginia)

They bought a used van 5 months ago, drove it off the lot, got the title from the dealer, but they've never been billed. Should they tell the dealer? Guys say they should come forward--'the van will last 5 years, but Hell is forever'.

Call 4

Maria Sierra (, Connecticut) - 1999 GMC Yukon

When she brakes under 5 mph, she gets pulsing under feet. Her husband (a carpenter) insists on doing all repairs himself. He replaced the pads, and says the rotors look okay. Guys think the problem is a bad ABS sensor sending an erroneous signal-- her husband can't fix this. They'll need to hook it up to a scanner to find out which sensor is bad.

Call 5

Murray Berkowitz (, New Jersey) - 2001 Volkswagen Passat

The engine seized and dealer tried to deny warranty claim because they didn't do the oil changes. 'They're busting my chops!' Murray had records of oil changes. Guys said dealer didn't have a leg to stand on, told Murray to go back and insist they cover it.

Call 6

Owen Johnson (, Maryland) - Saturn Vue

Her boyfriend parks with one tire half on the curb and the other three on the ground. Owen thinks he's damaging the tires. Is she right? Guys think she is--could cause tread separation and tire squirm.

Call 7

Ken Nieves (Lamars, Iowa) - 1988 Honda Civic

When it's hot, if he leaves the car sitting after he's driven it, he has trouble starting. His mechanic is stumped. Tom and Ray say the problem is a bad fuel pump relay, a common hot weather problem in Civics.

Call 8

Katie (Deerfield, Massachusetts) - 1995 Toyota Corolla

She runs an outdoor program and has a Coleman stove that uses 'white gas'. The gas she has is several year sold, too old for the stove. Her boss told her she could put it in her car. Can she? The guys debate whether it's the same kind of gas. The suggestion: she get her boss to try it in his car.