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#1044: The Mysterious Man in White

Original Air Date: 10.30.2010
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share life lessons that were learned a bit too late.

Call 1

Jenny Merwin (San Jose, California) - 1996 Honda Prelude

She drove her boyfriend's car, for about 40 miles, and tet RPM's get over 5,000 on one turn. Boyfriend says that put stress on engine, which in turn wrecked the catalytic converter. Is this true? No, he's nuts. There's no engine speed that would ruin the catalytic converter. Age was a much more likely culprit. Dump the boyfriend or tell him to be nicer!

Call 2

Roy (Delran, New Jersey) - 1958 Lincoln Continental

When he steps on the brake pedal, it goes down, but won't come back up. He has to pull it back up with his foot. Tom and Ray believe this car has has a brake return spring problem, either under the dash or at the booster. Roy can try to find a replacement spring, or rebuild the whole thing.

Call 3

David Johnson (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) - 2000 Cadillac Eldorado

The car makes a fluttering noise when he is stepping on the gas, but he only hears it around 35 mph. Seems to be coming from front right wheel. Is his wheel going to fall off? It could be a wheel bearing, but more likely a loose heat shield, or other piece of exhaust rattling. He should ask his mechanic put it up on the lift and see if they can hear the rattle.

Call 4

Chip (Springfield, Missouri) - 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The car sounds like it's farting, loudly! It seems to be coming from under the dash and people are embarrassed to ride with him. He's had blend door problems in the past--the guys think this is another blend door issue. The clicks are the blend door trying to close or open--insufficient vacuum.

Call 5

Marcella Williamson (Bradford, Vermont) - 2006 Hyundai Tucson

She has a dog, 2 small children, and a husband. She's likely to get another dog (and another kid, but her husband doesn't know that yet) and she wants to buy a car that will be able to carry everyone. But she doesn't want a minivan. What are her choices? She likes the Ford Flex, but the guys think she may have visibility problems with it. They think she needs to suck it up and get a mininvan, and recommend a Honda Odysssey.

Call 6

Amelia (Charlottesville, Virginia) - 1987 Toyota Camry

Several years ago, she and husband were driving across country. When they were on top of a mountain in UT, the car died, and wouldn't re-start. After an hour, a white Ford Explorer pulls up and, a man dressed all in white steps out and tells them to start the car. It starts right up, and ran fine after that for the rest of the car's life. Divine intervention? Is there a mechanical explanation?

Call 7

Don Wood (San Diego, California) - 1992 Ford Ranger

The car wouldn't start. His well-intentioned friend tried to fix it, but nothing worked, and eventually the car caught on fire. Don paid to get it fixed. The friend paid $200 for parts, and is refusing to accept reimbursement from Don, but Don feels like he owes the friend for his trouble. Guys suggest getting a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for the friend.