Show Rundown

#1045: Pi Over Two Dopes

Original Air Date: 11.06.2010
Show Open Topic

Kids say the funniest things... and Tom and Ray have the examples to prove it!

Call 1

Debbie Sutton (Orlando, Florida)

She hears a high pitched squeal at the top of each gear. Tom and Ray say it could be any number of things--loose belt, idler pully, belt tensioner, alternator, water pump. It's likely that the noise has more to do with engine speed than with vehicle speed, so it should be easy to reproduce without the car moving.

Call 2

Louann Carlson (, New York)

After 30 minutes of driving, her smells like toast. he thinks it's chipmunks storing acorns, getting burned up but she can't figure out where they are storing them. Guys think she's right about it being acorns--most likely somewhere towards the top of the They could also be between the catalytic converter and its heat shield.

Call 3

Howie Geduldig (Hopewell, New Jersey)

He and his wife are teaching 16 year old daughter to driver, and disagree over whether they should teach her how to drive stick right off the bat. Wife thinks it gives her too many things to worry about, but Howie thinks it'll help her concentrate on driving. Tom & Ray side with his wife. Teach her on an automatic, and after she's been driving a while, teach her to drive stick.

Call 4

Madeline Bennett (, California)

The car has developed a series of noises. It started with a ka-thunk, rubbing sound. Then it added a high pitched squeal. Sounds like it's coming from under-carriage--like she ran over something. Most likely it's the brakes--a broken brake pad falling apart, or a twisted caliper. Could also be a ball joint. Whatever it is, it sounds dangerous!

Call 5

Tim Copland (, Pennsylvania)

His car uses 1/4 of oil every 3000 miles. Friend with similar problem recommended 'oil replenishment'--just fill up the oil when it's down, instead of doing oil changes. Good idea? No, guys say it's bogus--because you never fully drain oil, you never get the dirty stuff out--liken it to never changing

Call 6

Gail Greaney (Bend, Oregon)

She and husband have 8 kids and are currently driving a Ford Econoline which is really bad in the snow. Any way to make it safer? No, they need a new All-Wheel Drive van, or to ship the kids off toe military school so they can get something smaller.

Call 7

Richard Light (, Florida)

Richard is a long-haul trucker, and the gas gauge in his 18-wheeler is unreliable, so he puts a stick in the tank to measure gas level. What formula does he use to determine the volume of the tank to know when it's 3/4 or 1/4 full? Guys flounder over whether it's a calculus problem, don't give an answer, but promise to figure it out by next week.

Call 8

Diane Plotkin (San Diego, California)

They recently bought a car for their daughter, and the dealer tried to convince them to get an over-coating to protect the paint. Diane thinks it's a good idea, but her husband thinks it's a ripoff. Who's right? Guys side with the husband--likely is unnecessary. But, they recommend an extended warranty.