Show Rundown

#1046: Math Geeks to the Rescue!

Original Air Date: 11.13.2010
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray explain how to solve the question from last week's show regarding how to measure fuel in a cylindrical gas.

Call 1

Dale Mohammed (Bronxy, New York) - 1994 Jeep Cherokee

She recently got her starter and fly wheel replaced but now she's having trouble shifting into 2nd. Related? Possibly--the job required removing the clutch, and it's possible mechanics didn't properly bleed the hydraulic lines. Also possible they put the wrong transmission fluid in. Take it back.

Call 2

Ian Nelson (San Antonio, Texas) - 2000 BMW 740

This car blows a puff of white smoke at start up that goes away when it's warm. Ian took it to a shop, which said oil was clumpy, and rings were stuck--recommending de-sludging. Guys say it's worth trying.

Call 3

Rick Barraclaugh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

His car recently began vibrating and pulling to the right. Dealer said he had warped rims, needed new tires, and an alignment. Vibrating has stopped, but car still pulls to the right. Is it because his he carpools to work with a 300 lb. passenger? Tom and Ray say it's likely because the alignment wasn't done properly--take it back and have them do it again. Or it could be a bad spring

Call 4

Rebecca Spencer (, Oregon)

When she drives in reverse, she hears a rubbing noise and is starting to hear the noise while driving forward at slow speed. She only hears it when the car is moving, otherwise car runs great. Tom and Ray think it's nothing serious--likely a heat shield, or other piece of sheet metal making a sympathetic vibration.

Call 5

Tonya Torrence (, Arizona)

Her neighbor works on his Chevy in the driveway, and uses many noxious-smelling, potentially toxic chemicals. Her house smell bad, and she's worried about his health (and hers). Is there less toxic stuff out there, and is there a nice way to get him to change? The guys say there are water-based things he can use. She can get some and give them to him as a Christmas present.

Call 6

Craig Robertson (Carlsbad, California)

Why are some gas doors on the right and some on the left? Tom and Ray explain some of the logic--German car makers put them on the right, so if you run out of gas, you're not standing in the road filling tank. But, it'd be nice if there was consistency, or if all car makers put arrows on dashboard.

Call 7

Dara Meyers (, New York) - 1991 Ford Crown Victoria

She moved to NYC from Massachusetts. She's trying to sell her car but nobody will buy it--even though it belonged to a former fire chief car, and has lights and everything. Guys say she's not advertising widely enough--try listing on the internet, and stress the flashing lights!