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#1047 Let Sleeping Camrys Lie

Original Air Date: 11.20.2010
Show Open Topic

Senior text messaging.

Call 1

Myfanwy Myfanwy (Los Angeles, California)

Oil. She has an oil leak, and she can't figure out where it is coming from. Her mechanic said she should "steam clean" her engine. She has never heard that before. Is it a good idea? The valve cover might be leaking. Makes sense to clean the engine to locate the leak. Replace the valve cover gasket if that's where it's leaking.

Call 2

Scott Harter (Mountain Lake, Minnesota)

Relationship/transmission. He is wondering if he accidentally ruined his fiancee's car. He changed the transmission fluid, and after driving it for about 5 miles, the car sputtered and died. They had to take it to a dealer, and they said the crankshaft sensor, and the temp sensor went out simultaneously. Could this have any way been his fault? Tom and Ray think Scott's off the hook. He didn't do anything wrong, just a coincidence

Call 3

Alethea Crossman (Frisco, Texas)

Marital/guilt. She got a new-ish car that's loaded, after her old one was totaled. She now feels guilty about her husband's Camry, even though he doesn't complain. Hubcaps keep falling off--she's tried several sets. Can she hot-glue gun them? he's likely getting defective hubcaps, can try ordering directly from Toyota. Also, since husband's not complaining, she can let it go--'let sleeping dogs lie'.

Call 4

Amy (and Anant) Vallerie (Cincinnati, Ohio)

This has been her husband's car since high school. He calls it 'the Giving Tree', and wants to keep it. Amy wants it to die. Recently the car has started making a BRRRR noise, and the whole car shakes back and forth, like a vibrating bed. EGR valve could be stuck open. It could be a fouled spark plug, or more likely it's a collapsed lifter. Could be a 'do not resuscitate' scenario.

Call 5

Nealy Angell (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

She is having battery problems. It has a slow start when it's pretty cold outside. Also covered in batteey acid. Her boyfriend poured a Coke on it, and acid just turned blue. So how can she get rid of the acid? Does she need a new battery? She needs to have the battery tested. The blue stuff is a reaction, causing corrosion on the terminals. If it tests as borderline, get a new one, because it's getting colder.

Call 6

Don (Zachary, Louisiana)

When it starts up, it will start to squeal for about 55 seconds. It also squeals when he brakes or turns on the lights. Guys said it was a vacuum leak, or power break booster. Wound up being a loose alternator belt. Wrong answer.

Call 7

Jackie Bisnay (San Jose, California)

Overheating/coolant. The car started overheating when she tried to go to 3 weddings in one weekend. After a little while, she noticed that the coolant and water mixture was somehow in the carpet of her car. Did she drive the car too much and cause it to overheat? No, she's got a coolant leak. Caould be the heater core, which would be costly to fix--she could shunt it, and have no heat, or try miracle additives.

Call 8

Mike Salemi (Hamden, Massachusetts)

He's starting to get a vibration in the rear end, when he is accelerating from 25-30, and when he's going around 35-40 mph. It seems to be getting worse! Is this going to be expensive? He has had the tires balanced and has replaced the U-joints and that didn't help. Guys are stumped, spin the roulette wheel, say we'll post it on the site for listener suggestions.

Call 9

Debbie Keys (Indianapolis, Indiana)

She's being given this truck by her estranged husband as a part of the divorce agreement. It has around 300k miles on it. Should she politely say no thanks? Yes, she should--the truck has no value. She can maybe accept it and sell for aprts, but she should hold out for something better.