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#1049: Your Car Fell Off the Lift. LOL!

Original Air Date: 12.04.2010
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share an auto confession from a listener--and a few of their own, too.

Call 1

Sarah Wides (, Illinois)

A towing question. She's moving to Arizona, but she can't afford a truck. Can she put a hitch on the Saturn and haul her stuff in a small trailer? Nothing too heavy--moslty books, which she can ship. Yes, she can, as long as she takes it slow, and doesn't drive in snow or high winds.

Call 2

Gabriel Gloege (Manhattan, New York)

A buying question. He's a jazz drummer, looking for a used Civic hatchback to haul drums to gigs. Heard you should check radio pre-sets and avoid used cars set to loud rock stations. True? Tom and Ray say it is, in fact it's their advice from 'How to Buy a Used Car' pamphlet. He also needs to get any car checked thoroughly by an independent mechanic.

Call 3

Dave Derazzio (, Pennsylvania)

A question about brakes and bearings. The wheel bearing was grinding, tried to fix, but can't get rotor off--it's rusted on. Tried propane torch, started fire, which he extinguished. He needs a bigger flame--oxyacetalyne torch. Or, he can try a sledgehammer, but he needs to be careful about cracking the rotor. Liquid Wrench may also work if he leaves it on long enough. May have to find an old Jeep mechanic.

Call 4

Kathy Auerbach (Ferndale, Washington)

A driving question. driving. Car is an automatic, friend said she's damaging transmission by not shifting out of D into 3rd when she slows down. Bogus? Yes, friend is wrong--automatic drive is designed to shift itself when it's supposed to. Just put it in D, and leave it.

Call 5

David Kraus (, Alabama)

electrical/engine question. Professor at UV Birmingham. Put one wheel on rollers, using car to run generator to power his house. Doing damage to car? Yes, he could be, because it''s a 2-wheel drive car. Could damage spider gear in differential. Would be better if he could rig it so both wheels turn together.

Call 6

Rick (, Hawaii)

A suspension question. He had a CV boot cover that ripped apart. Wants car to last until June. If he keeps lubricating with vegetable oil, will he make it? No, he needs what's called a 'zipper boot'.

Call 7

Hoppy Whitman (Bethel, Alaska)

Our Stump the Chumps caller. She had consistent starting problems. Drunk passers-by kept telling her it was the starter, so she kept replacing, but problem persisted. Engine cranked and made grinding noise, so Tom and Ray said it was the flywheel, not the starter itself. She went to mechanic, and Tom and Ray were right!

Call 8

Rich Rosenfeld (Morristown, New Jersey)

The car is a 1974 Bricklin. The question: dump it or keep it? Father-in-law gave it to Rich--father in law loved it, but Rich doesn't. It's leaking gas and oil in Rich's driveway, but he's worried father-in-law will get mad if he finds out that Rich has dimped it. Tom and Ray say fire or theft might be only ways out--he could donate it to a charity auction.