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#1051: Gifts For Guys

Original Air Date: 12.18.2010
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray offer a few special holiday shopping tips for the man on your list.

Call 1

Elizabeth Moga (, Colorado)

A heating/cooling question. Her windows fogging up, and she can't clear them with defroster. All except drivers side. There's an oily substance on them. Tom and Ray say it's bad news--the substance is anti-freeze, meaning she has a blown heater core. Small chance it's just a heater control valve.

Call 2

Mike Mazuko (Oakland, California)

A clutch question. He bought the truck four years ago, it needed a new clutch. Now, 36,000 miles later, needs a new clutch again. Does he need a heavy duty clutch for San Francisco? Tom and Ray think the guys who did the last clutch didn't replace the whole thing, they just did the disc. Try replacing everything with a regular clutch and he should be okay.

Call 3

Matt Newcombe (Antarctica, )

A driving question about a snowmobile. In really cold temps, below -40, when you drive it fast, begins to bog down--slows, then stalls, can't restart, has to get towed back to the shop. Tom and Ray say it's carburetor icing--after it's gotten towed and sits in the shop, ice melts. Can try rigging a pipe from near the exhaust manifold to air intake, so it can suck in some warmer air, amybe keep it from freezing. Slight chance it's low engine compression.

Call 4

Charles Creton (Taos, New Mexico)

A question about engine/suspension/wheels. It makes a squeaking noise, when he starts from a dead stop, or accelerates uphill, under load. Goes away when he steps on the clutch, or gets up to speed. Tom and Ray think it's one or more seized universal joint. He may be able to fix it himself.

Call 5

Adrienne Gibbs (Vail, Colorado)

A question about driving/ cruise control and her relationship. Her husband is a ski instructor, likes to use cruise control while going down backside of mountains. She thinks it's bad for the car. Who's right? She is--it's bad for the car and dangerous to be using cruise control in this situation. Give him a dope slap.

Call 6

Braden Penhoet (Berkeley, California)

A question about a smell. He's getting married in January, fiancee has two young daughters, really likes old-style Odyssey. Bought this one, but can't remove essence of previous owner's dog. Any way they can get the smell out? Tom suggest roasting coffee, but Tom and Ray both think they'll probably have to remove the seats and steam clean everything--including the headliner. Alternatively, could drive and make the kids puke.

Call 7

Jody (Los Angeles, California)

A fuel question. The car gets much worse gas mileage in Los Angeles, compared to the mountains of Colorado. Kicker is it happens slowly over the course of two weeks! Why does his happen? Tom and Ray are kind of stumped--Ray thinks it's mostly because she drives differently in LA--more traffic, but suggests she gets a smog test in LA to see if altitude control not working properly--maybe making car run too rich.

Call 8

Pashto (, New York)

An ethical question about a speeding ticket. His wife and her sister were driving to Ohio. The sister got a ticket and expected Pashto's wife to pay half. Wife refused. Huge family fight broke out, eventually their Mom paid it so the fight would stop. Who should have paid the ticket? Tom and Ray say Pashto's wife was right--ticket should be responsibility of the driver, but to maintain peace, wife could have paid half.