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#1052: Tidings of Boat Payments

Original Air Date: 12.25.2010
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Tom and Ray remember some especially lousy Christmas gifts.

Call 1

Jennifer Barton (, Washington)

engine/heating/cooling question. She's going through lots of coolant, like a quart every 2-3 days. Car runs rough when she starts, sees white smoke. Can't tell where coolant is going. Coolsnt is leaking into the cylinders, due to a crack, or cracks in cylinder heads or block. Expensive repair, she may be better off rebuilding the engine.

Call 2

Billy Thiebaut (Alexandria, Virginia)

A clutch question. When he presses the gas, in 3rd, 4th or 5th gear the RPMs rev but the car doesn't accelerate. Does he need to take this in? Yes, he does--his clutch is pretty much gone, and soon he won't be able to move in 1st gear.

Call 3

Mary Jo Shields (, South Carolina)

A windshield question. There's haze on the glass, has trouble seeing through it in bright sunlight. Husband says it's not a big deal. Tom and Ray think husband's being a dope--she should replace the windshield, and see if insurance will cover it.

Call 4

Allie Schaefer (, Alaska)

A question about lights. She put stronger headlights in front, now rear tail light and brake light on passenger side don't work. Replaced the switch--did she blow the relay? No, Tom and Ray think she just ripped out a wire when doing the switch--separate wires for different sides. Get a wiring diagram and go under the dash--should be easy to find it.

Call 5

Larry Krasnow (, Massachusetts)

A transmission question. His daughter is a student. She took car to tire place, and they told her to change the transmission fluid, even though tranny is running fine. Larry heard this can destroy the tranny, told her to get out of there. True that fluid change can do damage? Tom and Ray say there's anecdotal evidence to support, but she should get the tranny fluid checked by a different mechanic.

Call 6

Emily Key (, South Carolina)

A buying question. Her parents promised her a '66 Mustang if she got a 44 on her MCATs. She got a 43. They're still willing to get her a Mustang, but want to get a newer one, since it will be safer. Tom and Ray side with Mom and Dad--she should get the newer one, and since they're paying, it's their call.

Call 7

Mike Friedenstaff (Nashville, Tennessee)

A steering question. The power steering doesn't work. Replaced the pump--he can steer okay at higher speeds, but when he's slowing down to a stop, can barely turn the wheel--sometimes can't turn it at all. Tom and Ray say it's likely the rack, but there's a chance the rebuilt pump he put in has failed.

Call 8

Joe Grand (Sankray Beach, Minnesota)

An electrical question. He gets shocked everytime he gets out of his car...he's a pizza delivery guy, so it happens often. Problem is his tires--common with low rolling resistance tires. Can try new tires, or put ground straps on the car.

Call 9

Lauren Gifford (Bar Harbor, Maine)

A question about brakes. Her boyfriend drove this car down Mt. Washington with the emergency brake on. Did he destroy e-brake? Yes, he may well have--but if he was able to do that, there may have been something wrong with it already. Still a dumb thing to do, but a good test of relationship to see if he takes responsibility.