Show Rundown

#1101: Cycling the Seven Seas

Original Air Date: 01.01.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share automotive confessions.

Call 1

Heather Humphries (El Paso, Texas)

A question about a noise. The car sounds like a Soprano opera singer, coming from underneath. Happens when she starts moving after car has been sitting a while, sound gets faster as car speeds up, and seems to go away around 35 mph. Ray thinks it's a stuck caliper--as she drives, the brake touches the disc, making the noise. After a while, enough wears away to make noise go away.

Call 2

Matthew Haines (Boise, Idaho)

Noise--not as high-pitched as Heather's--more of a moan, he thinks it's coming from driver's side in front. Doesn't have to be moving to hear it, usually goes away around 35 mph, but often comes back. Tom and Ray think it's his water pump, may cost more to fix than the car is worth.

Call 3

Amy Dodge (Ely, Minnesota)

A question about warming up her engine. Outside temps get to 25 below. She warms up car in garage, then backs up to house to pick up kids. Is this short drive negating benefits of warming up car, doing damage? No, she's okay--as long as she doesn't rev engine, or accelerate quickly while car is cold. And, this is only something to worry about in extreme cold.

Call 4

Eleanor Kallio (Victoria, BC, )

A maintenance question. She's going away on a 6-month around the world bicycle trip, wondering what to do with the truck while she's gone. Okay to not pay insurance and let it sit? Tom and Ray think she'd be better off paying insurance and getting someone to drive it occasionally--she's in a high humidity area, and that can wreak havoc on parked vehicles.

Call 5

Dan Wintz (Lakewood, Colorado)

A question about fuel and mileage. Dan's gas mileage drops by 20-25% when weather gets cold, but he's doing same kind of driving. Temp gauge doesn't seem to move as much. Tom and Ray say he has a bad thermostat, opening too soon. get it replaced.

Call 6

Jenny Kalizek (, Montana)

A body question She got married 4 months ago, husband lost wieght, and his wedding ring fell off--into the crevice on the dashboard. Any way to get it out without removing dashboard. Tom and Ray don't think so, but admit not being too familiar with this dash. Take it to the dealer, or buy a new ring.

Call 7

Carole (Cincinatti, Ohio)

A starting question. Sometimes, after driving and parking, the car won't re-start in Park. Doesn't happen all the time--and the car will always start in neutral. Tom and Ray say it's her neutral safety switch.

Call 8

Kevin Malling (, California)

An exhaust question. He loves his car, but finds himself getting sleepy after driving it for a few minutes. Could be carbon monoxide poisoning, which would be dangerous. He needs to get the car tested!

Call 9

Laura Kent (Rockville, Maryland)

A transmission/clutch question. This is an auto-stick, so mechanics hate working on it. She repalced engine and tranny with another auto-stick, now car has trouble going into reverse..makes a grinding, metal on metal noise. The noise is gears--specifically, the reverse syncro, being torn to bits. She will likely need new tranny. Find a mechanic and bring baked goods to entice them to work on it.