Show Rundown

#1102: Hood Sag

Original Air Date: 01.08.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a few "thought provokers."

Call 1

Sandra Ditusa (, Louisiana)

Fuel question. Accidentally put 5 gallons of diesel in her tank. Tried to compensate by using 93 octane. Car was running rough, now seems okay, but Check Engine light is on. Did she do damage? Tom says forget about it. Ray says she may have done damage, but what's done is done. Get car scanned, so the check engine light will be turned off, then she can fix or not.

Call 2

Alan (Eugene, Oregon)

Rear defroster--doesn't work. Mechanic said it's getting power, suggested repainting the lines.But, since nothing happens when Alan turns it on, Tom and Ray think he has a problem in the wiring harness. Mechanic may have tested with rear open, and harness wire gets crimped when the hatch is closed. Get it tested again, with hatch closed.

Call 3

Natalie Edwards (, Washington)

A body question. She borrowed Dad's car without his permission, and got it dented. Wants to fix it before he gets home. Large dent on sliding door. Guys think it could cost $1000 to fix, and won't be done in time. She's better off fessing up, specially since her Mom told her it was okay to use the car, and her older sister totaled two cars.

Call 4

Thais Winsome (San Francisco, California)

Throttle/transmission question. Two problems. 1, it won't hold on a hill if she takes her foot off the brake. 2, she has to stomp on the gas to get it to go, and makes Formula 1 starts. Tom and Ray say #1 isn't a problem--all automatics do this, when not in Park. #2 is a sticky throttle, caused by carbon build-up. Husband tried spraying WD40--bad idea, may have just made it worse. Get Gumout, or take it to a shop.

Call 5

John Pustell (, Massachusetts)

Hood has a large dent/dimple in the middle, sort of sags. Mechanic said he could smooth it out, but it would happen again. John tried smoothing, and it's happening again. What's causing it? Tom and Ray are a bit flummoxed. Ray thinks there's insufficient bracing underneath. He can try getting a sheet of aluminum to put under, to help support it.

Call 6

Patrick Brannen (, Virginia)

As he speeds up, the car sounds more and more like an airplane. Coming from left tire area. Feels it in steering wheel . Left front caliper fixed four months ago. Feels like car is being held back.

Call 7

Tom Miller (Decora, Iowa)

Keep or dump question. 16-year old daughter just got license, Tom wants to hand down the Regal. Daughter more interested in neighbor's '88 Civic, with fewer miles. Which one is better? Tom and Ray don't like either one--not safe. Suggest he get her a used Volvo, something with airbags.

Call 8

Leslie Lowe (Halifax, Nova Scotia, )

A fuel and ethics question. Should you tip the guy who pumps your gas at a full-service station? Tom and Ray say they've never heard of anyone doing it, but it's a nice idea. Tom vows to begin tipping gas guy--if he ever gets a car, or gas.