Show Rundown

#1105: The Flaming Winnebago

Original Air Date: 01.29.2011
Show Open Topic

Auto confessions: the tale of the flaming Winnebago.

Call 1

Linda Valle (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Driving. Bought car used, her first Winter with it. Car fishtails in the snow and ice. She put weight in the back, and got new tires, what else can she do? She can check the alignment--that's likely the problem, and something the previous owner may have never done.

Call 2

Mark Ozmers (Phoenix, Arizona)

clutch. Metal on metal grinding noise whenever he lets out the clutch. Guys saying he's heating the clutch being chewed up. He needs to replace several pieces on the clutch--release bearing/slave cylinder, and flywheel. Might as well replace the entire clutch.

Call 3

Beth Schull (, Maryland)

Lights/family. Disagreement with kids--they want her to drive with interior dome light on, so they can read or play games. She thinks it's dangerous and her Dad told her it was illegal. T&R side with Beth--it may not be illegal, but it does create glare in windshield, and rear-view mirror. Get the kids clip-on reading lights.

Call 4

Emily Natoli (Rochester, New York)

Engine. Car lurches forward when she steps on the gas from a dead stop. Usually happens when the car is cold, problem goes away when car warms up. Guys think she has a sticky throttle, due to carbon buildup. As car warms up, throttle expands, easing the situation. get throttle cleaned, easy fix.

Call 5

Geoff (Berkeley, California)

suspension/brakes....Knocking sound, coming from the rear, comes and goes, usually disappears whenever he gets near a mechanic. Noise speeds up as car speeds up. This is a rear wheel drive car, so guys think he has one or more bad axles in the rear.

Call 6

Kelly Daniels (Syracuse, New York) - 1999 Ford Escort

Selling... Family has this car, and they want to sell it to her boyfriend. She was nervous about selling a car to a friend. Tom was dubious, but Ray thought it would be a good relationship test. She sold him the car, and it and the relationship are fine. Right answer!

Call 7

Mara Burns (, New Hampshire)

Buying. She and husband have one small child, about to have twins. She's morally opposed to SUV's, husband would 'rather drive a horse and buggy than a minivan.' Anything else that can hold three car seats? T&R say they should suck it up and get a Honda Odyssey. They might be able to squeeze car seats into a Volvo wagon, but it'll be tight, and a minivan will be much more flexible..

Call 8

Peter Hill (West Milton, Pennsylvania)

exhaust....Has three bay, two story garage that has bats in it. Wants to start all the cars and then close the garage doors and euthanize bats. Would that work? Tom and ray it would be cruel and inhumane, and probably wouldn't work--suggest he consult bat/wildlife expert for a better way to convince the bats to leave.