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#1107: Genius and Bogus Effluent

Original Air Date: 02.12.2011
Show Open Topic

The male competence / incompetence syndrome.

Call 1

Bridget Brown (St. Louis, Missouri)

steering... Makes strange 'whisking' sound, like paper rubbing together, when she turns the steering wheel, either way, even when the car is moving. T&R say it's her power steering--either low on fluid because of a leak, or belt is slipping. Could also be failing pump. Check fluid first, then take it to dealer.

Call 2

Johnny Tannebaum (, New York)

heating/cooling.... very loud sound when he turns heater on. Starts as a high groan, then slows down. Scary, so he's been driving without heat all Tom and ray say he's got a bad blower motor, could be an easy fix, or time consuming, depending on where it's located. He should fix it, as there's a small chance of a fire.

Call 3

Pam Doody (Amherst, Virginia)

Oil/smoking. Car smokes 'as much as my husband'--coming from under the hood, started smoking after they had timing belt changed. Smoke is so bad, she's been stopped by cops. T&R think she's got a bad valve cover gasket or rear main seal--may or may not be related to timing belt work, but worth taking it back to guys who did it.

Call 4

Father Bryan Glancey (, Maryland)

Calling to scold Tom and Ray for naming Yugo worst car of century. He just lost his second, after a collision with a deer--lasted 11 years, more than 110k miles. He loved it, but felt humiliated because of Car Talk. Guys apologize, but say something had to be the worst car, and the Yugo was the most worthy contender.

Call 5

Thor Radford (Spokane, Washington)

suspension. When he makes a sharp turn, or goes over a bump, he hears a clunk, grinding sound from the front end. Also, when he turns left, car feels like it's sliding to the right. Fine when he goes straight. Most likely it's a broken anti-sway bar link--if his car has one. Tom also thinks it could be a control arm bushing or ball join. He needs tog et it checked, could be dangerous.t.

Call 6

Peg Curley (Richmond, Virginia)

Driving/marital. She and newlywed husband disagree over shifting manual. She thinks he steps off clutch too quickly, he thins she's too slow. They're teaching his 15 year old daughter to drive, and don't want to pass on bad habits. They're both driving 'a bit away from the mean'. Husband is wearing out tranny, Peg is wearing out clutch. All three of them should go to driing school together.

Call 7

David Brannon (, Washington)

heating/cooling/argument. He and a friend disagree over fastest way to warm the interior of the car when it's cold. David says to turn off all accessories, so engine has more power to crank the heater. Friend disagrees. Tom and Ray side with David, but say it really make very little difference.

Call 8

Sarah Betser (Santa Cruz, California)

Noise. When she's going down hill and brakes, she hears a noise, 'like 2 rocks in a Cuisinart', intermittent, only happens when car is warmed up, and it's coming from the front. Ray thinks it may be something hitting inner fender liner when the geometry is changed going downhill. Tom thinks it could be a ball joint, and dangerous.