Show Rundown

#1108: The Pocket Plow

Original Air Date: 02.19.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share some creative, witty and highly amusing British personal ads.

Call 1

Stephanie Douglas (Harlem, New York)

A starting/starter question. The car starts fine when engine is cold, but has trouble re-starting after it's warmed up. She usually has to wait 5-10 minutes. Just clicks. Answer: the starter motor isn't working, she probably need a new one, In the mean time, she can hit the starter with a broom to get the car started, but get it fixed.

Call 2

John Christian (, North Carolina)

He took his car to the Philippines--when he had it shipped back, engine caught fire as he drove home from the port. Got new engine, then started hearing squeak when turning. Mechanic said someone had put motor oil in power steeing system. Flushed it, squeak went away, but mechanic wants to replace new gearbox. Does he need to? Tom and Ray think he's probably okay--he may want to get the system flushed again, and if squeak comes back, it may just mean he needs a new seal.

Call 3

Allison Burn (St Louis, Missouri)

An electrical question. Her husband changed the alternator about a year ago, and ever since, she gets a shock when he gets in the car and kisses her, or she gets out of the car and touches key to the lock. Turns out, husband also got new tires--that's what's causing the shock. She can install a ground strap, or try touching a quarter to lock when she gets out to help dissipate the shock.

Call 4

Stan Miller (, California)

A question about a smell. After a long climb, he smells something burning--only happens after climbing. Took it to dealer, they didn't smell anything, but they only drove it on a flat road. Ray thinks catalytic converter is getting hot, and causing something to melt. Tom thinks this is bogus, but doesn't have a better idea. Tom and Ray suggest Stan calls a gas station at the top of a hill, and arrange to take car there as soon as he finishes climbing, see if they can identify where the smell is coming ffrom.

Call 5

Leanne Harty (Stafford Springs, Connecticut)

A plowing and marital question. She pays to have her driveway plowed, but wants to save some bucks, and fashion her own plow for the front of her Subaru. Husband thinks she's crazy...she's thinking of something like two ironing boards, to push snow off to the side. Wil; it work? Tom and Ray think she can probably come up with something, but will likely only work in 2-3 inches of snow, max. Suggest she post on site, for other suggestions.

Call 6

Denise Cabana (Indian Head, Maryland)

A fuel question. She ran over a hunk of what she thought was snow, but heard a loud 'bang'. Now, gas gauge won't go above 3.4, even when she knows the tank is full. Husband wants to leave it, and just rely on trip odometer to know when to get gas, but Denise is an Episcopal priest, and needs to keep track of mileage for reimbursement, so she wants to fix it. There's a chance she dented the gas tank, or damaged the fuel sending unit--also possible it's coincidental. But, fixing could be expensive.

Call 7

Rob Kissock (Denver, Colorado)

A driving question. Rob tends to drive slower than other cars, and this makes other drivers irate. Wants to find a way to ornament his car so others can tell he's slow right away, and won't drive up his butt. Tom and Ray suggest false siren, paining 'K-8' on the side.