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#1110: Another Dodge Dart!

Original Air Date: 03.05.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a story with a unique perspective on aging.

Call 1

Caitlin Schweger (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

A question about brakes/transmission. Car occasionally starts to roll backwards when it's in Park, even with E-brake on. Tom and Ray agree that the problem is in the shift linkage--it's out of adjustment, so the car isn't really in Park, it's in Reverse. She needs to fix it, as the problem will get worse, and the car will get harder to stop.

Call 2

Rachel Lovins (, Connecticut)

A question about a smell. She occasionally gets a sulfur-y, fart-y smell--she and her son usually look at each other to see who caused it. She uses different brands of gas--Tom and Ray think the catalytic converter is having trouble processing the sulfur in one or more of the gases she's using. Try to find one brand that doesn't cause smell, and stick with it.

Call 3

TW Williams (Buffalo, New York)

An engine question. When he starts it up, he hears a clanging/ticking sound for the first 15 minutes. After it warms up, it runs 'as smooth as a sewing machine.' Tom and Ray say it's piston slap, caused by age--the pistons are worn down, and cylinders have lost their shape. He likely needs a new/rebuilt engine, but he can try additives first, and use different oil in summer to make the noise go away.

Call 4

Aron Campbell (Vancouver BC, )

A question about a leak. A brown, oily liquid is leaking from under the center of the dashboard panel. It could be from the clutch master cylinder, or, more likely, transmission fluid coming through the speedometer cable.

Call 5

Tony Zmarzly (Weston, Ohio)

An engine and mileage question. His gas mileage has dropped by about half since weather got cold. Also, car's not getting as warm as it used to. Classic case of a bad thermostat. Should be easy to test and fix.

Call 6

Louella Hobgood (, Georgia)

A driving question. Is it worth th eeffort to teach two teenage girls to drive stick shift? Older one really wants to learn. Tom and Ray say, sure, it can't hurt to know how to drive one, in case the girls are ever in a situation where a stick shift is the only option.

Call 7

Ellen Fasman (, California)

A driving and shifter question. She was putting jelly on her bagel, spilled some into the shifter--now it's hard to shift, feels sticky. Tom and Ray suggest she spray Fantastik, and keep moving the shifter, to loosen it. If that doesn't work, problem may be elsewhere, and coincidental to the jelly incident. Also chastise her for jellying bagel while driving.

Call 8

Christine Copeland (, Nevada)

A heating/cooling question. When she drives, she starts getting a headache and feeling sleepy. If she rolls down the window, it gets a little better. Also happens to her roommate. Dealer said it was her heating system, other mechanic said her muffler is extending too far. Tom and Rat say both guys are wrong. She's getting CO poisoning, because of an exhaust leak under the hood. Find another mechanic, and get it fixed immediately.

Call 9

Richard Franke (, Oregon)

A question about his Dodge Dart. Rich is planning to drive across Route 66 to Chicago in this car. His brother will be in another car, carrying spare parts. What should he bring? He doesn't need much--this car has very few moving parts. The guys suggest a condenser, coil, alternator, and another Dodge Dart.