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#1426: The Sleek Black Beauty

Original Air Date: 06.28.2014
Show Open Topic

Gender Numismatics: Men, Women, and Change.

Call 1

Barry Greenhull (Lincoln, Nebraska) - 1992 Lincoln Town Car

Two years ago while driving through the Ozarks Barry noticed that on winding roads, the car would begin to vibrate. The only way to get it to stop vibrating was to pull over. Then the vibration would sometimes go away for weeks or other times, only hours. Tom and Ray think the problem is in the lock up torque converter--Barry needs to get it replaced.

Call 2

Patti Davis (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Patti’s Mom is driving this Datsun from Houston to Boston to give it to Patti. Patti’s never owned a car before--should she keep this, or will it be more trouble than it’s worth? Tom thinks the car will die en route. Ray thinks the car will make it, and if it does Patti may as well keep it. Tom and Ray bet--if the car dies, Ray needs to find Tom another '65 Ambassador to replace the one Ray sent to the crusher. If the car makes it, Tom can never mention the Sleek Black Beauty again.

Call 3

Casey Burns (Kingston, Washington) - 1987 Honda Civic

Casey has garter snakes living in his car. How can he get rid of them? Tom and Ray don’t have a good solution. Casey makes bagpipes for a living so maybe he can draw them out by playing the bagpipes.

Call 4

Ellen (New York, New York) - 1994 Chevrolet Blazer

Ellen’s fiancé keeps buying performance add-ons for the Blazer--he says they will improve mileage and performance, but Ellen doesn’t notice any difference. Do they help? And if not, can Tom and Ray intervene to get him to stop? Tom and Ray say they don’t help, but her fiancé is addicted and there’s no way to get him to stop. Ellen will need to decide if this is something she can live with.

Call 5

John Dragon (Saugerties, New York) - 1986 Lincoln Town Car

John’s car smells of raw gas. He’s had the tank, lines, and other items replaced and can’t find any drips anywhere. Tom and Ray think the leak is under the hood. John needs to get someone with an emissions tester to go over the car thoroughly. It could be the lines running to the throttle.

Call 6

Danielle Marks (Louisville, Kentucky) - 1993 Toyota Corolla

Danielle’s brakes thump and pulsate and the car shakes when she slows down on the highway. Simple! It’s a warped brake rotor. She can bring it in and they can confirm this at a garage. The rotors will need to be turned or replaced.

Call 7

Ron Hadge (La Mesa, California) - 1989 Ford Probe

Ron is an MIT classmate of Tom’s, but he's really calling because his check engine light has been on for the “last 75,000 miles. “ Everyone he takes it to wants money just to check it--is there another way to find out what's wrong? He says it's still passing smog tests. Tom and Ray say it could be a bad oxygen sensor which he can test on his own. He could also just try black tape.