Show Rundown

#1424: See Food Diet

Original Air Date: 06.14.2014
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share diet tips. Tip #1... don't eat!

Call 1

Gary Jacobs (, Florida)

A mechanic down the street swaps Gary car care for medical care (he’s a doctor). Gary noticed the guy had trouble doing an oil change--he didn’t know about taking off the panel, which made it more difficult. Should he tell him? Tom and Ray say his neighbor may find out himself if he starts talking to other mechanics. Or, Gary could remove panel before taking the car over.

Call 2

Sue (, Pennsylvania)

Sue hears a roaring noise when starting in cold temperatures. It doesn’t affect power and doesn’t get louder when engine revs, but it is worse in cold weather. Ray believes it’s a worn out belt or belt tensioner.

Call 3

Lucky (Tacoma, Washington)

Lucky hears a noise like he's riding over raised rumble strips. Tom and Ray think he has a bad tire.

Call 4

Joe Wiesenfelder (Syracuse, New York)

Joe is trying to make it to Chicago from Boston driving the Fiat Spider he purchased from Tommy. The staff of Car Talk Plaza have all placed bets on where he'll break down first.

Call 5

Carol (Washington, District Of Columbia)

Carol is moving to East Africa for work, and will need to purchase a vehicle to use over there. She's gotten conflicting advice on what to buy and wants Tom and Ray to help her narrow it down.

Call 6

Sierra Zweig (Seattle, Washington)

Sierra hears a noise when she turns her steering wheel hard to the left. It makes a crunching sound. Tom and Ray send her to go drive around the block a few times to see if she can get a better description.

Call 7

Cesar Alvarez (Phoenix, Arizona)

Cesar's engine stalls at odd occasions. Tom and Ray say he can afford to ignore it until the problem gets a lot worse. They also think Cesar needs a hobby and have a couple suggestions for him, plus some pick-up lines he can use with the ladies.

Call 8

Sierra Zweig (Seattle, Washington)

Sierra's back! She's driven around the block a few times. Tom and Ray have a few ideas: a bad ball joint, a bad spring on the strut. She should bring it back to her mechanic and have them drive it.