Show Rundown

#1423: Dead Bugs and a Burnt T-Bird

Original Air Date: 06.07.2014
Show Open Topic

A new herbal car remedy, and one listener's rebuttal to that brat, Melissa Peterson.

Call 1

Sandy Bartholomew (Clifton Park, New York)

Sandy's car is making a noise like it needs a new muffler, but the sound is coming from in front of her. She only hears it when she’s moving and only when she’s going home from work, not to work. She suspects it’s AC related. She also had a front-end collision in January. Tom and Ray think she damaged the cooling fan and the noise she's hearing is from the fan hitting its shroud.

Call 2

Barry (Flint, Michigan)

Barry gets an abundance of bugs stuck to his windshield and has to clean it at least once a day. His wife says it’s because he drives too fast, but he thinks driving fast should make the bugs go over the top of the car. Tom and Ray say Barry's wrong here. Aerodynamic cars are more bug-friendly. He needs to slow down, or try a bug deflector, which will also make car less aerodynamic.

Call 3

Rhonda Rickey (Washougal, Washington)

Rhonda’s Caravan has a low and loud idle, accelerates slowly with really high RPMS, and jerks. She had the transmission checked. Ray thinks it may only be running on four or five cylinders instead of on all six. This could be caused by a loose wire.

Call 4

Gary Kostit (Brainerd, Minnesota)

Gary’s mother-in-law says he’s responsible for her T-Bird catching fire. He did some work on the carburetor when it wouldn’t start after a weekend trip. He swears he didn’t leave any tools in the engine and he put everything back where it was. Tom and Ray think Gary is innocent and the fire was likely caused by whatever caused the starting problem, but he’ll have a hard time convincing his mother-in-law.

Call 5

Darlene (Orlando, Florida)

Darlene has two male friends giving her conflicting advice. Dr. Frank has many vintage cars and says you should keep filling the gas tank after the pump clicks off to remove air bubbles. Her friend Bob says this is bad advice because gas expands, so you should leave some air in the tank. Bob is right--when the pump shuts off, you should stop filling as the gas could overflow.

Call 6

Alan Van Normand (, Colorado)

Alan can’t shift his truck into 4WD-low. He thinks it’s because of mud caked up. He’s tried spraying but can’t get the mud off. Can he back the truck down a boat ramp and give it a sitz bath? Tom and Ray say he can try that but it may not fix the problem. Ray thinks it’s more likely rust, and Tom says Alan needs to get someone to look at the linkage and see what’s going on.

Call 7

Denise (Evanston, Illinois)

Denise just turned 45 and bought volvo out of nostalgia off the web. Her new ride doesn’t even run. No brakes, no seats, and the windows don’t even work. Should she bother to fix it up? Tom and Ray say yes, but she'll need to find a special mechanic. "Not a good mechanic, an old mechanic.” She might also invest in a second Volvo to use for parts.