Show Rundown

#1417: The Telltale Grease

Original Air Date: 04.26.2014
Show Open Topic

A plea for pertinence!

Call 1

Dee Kimble (Freeport, Maine) - 1988 Nissan Pickup

Dee’s truck makes a noise It sounds like “singing dogs” or “disturbed ducks.” It happens when the hubs are locked and is worse in colder weather. His mechanic has tried several things, including replacing one CV joint, which helped for a bit. Tom and Ray think the problem is likely in the hub on the other side, and Dee may need to get that CV joint replaced too, although this noise doesn’t seem like that of a CV joint.

Call 2

Amy (Boca Raton, Florida)

Amy’s husband has trouble keeping the car straight, tends to head for median and has even driven in the other lane. He gets mad when she screams in horror. What else can she do? Guys suggest she insist on driving. She can change the ignition lock so his key doesn’t work, or pretend to get carsick when he drives.

Call 3

Scott (St. Louis, Missouri) - 1995 Honda Accord

Scott is moving to Florida. His uncle, a used-car salesman, suggested Scott unplug the odometer to keep the car’s miles down. But, Scott heard this could hurt his gas mileage and cause shifting problems. Tom and Ray say it could cause problems, but more importantly, it’s illegal and unethical, so Scott shouldn’t do it!

Call 4

Wendy (Lakewood, Ohio) - Volkswagen

Wendy’s mechanic is baffled by her car’s noise. If you turn the steering wheel hard right, from the inside of the car it sounds like a creaking, groaning noise. From outside it sounds like a “banjo being tuned.” Wendy is worried about her mechanic’s mental health. Tom and Ray think the noise is strut related. It could be the cover on top that cushions the beating. Wendy may need to resort to baked goods to lift her mechanic’s spirits.

Call 5

Zach Scribner (San Francisco, California) - Scion

Zach’s car is making a noise. In the early morning, getting on freeway, he hears a slurping sound like sucking the last bit of water through a straw. Tom and Ray say he's probably just low on coolant and has some air in there. Needs to be topped off and purged of air.

Call 6

Paula Mahony (Portland, Maine)

Stump the Chumps. Paula called because her car wouldn’t start in cold weather unless she put a heated blanket over the engine for 10 minutes. Tom and Ray said the blanket was a red herring, and the problem was likely the neutral safety switch. They suggested she try starting in neutral. Right answer!

Call 7

Robin Rouse (CAmbridge, Massachusetts) - 1999 Toyota Corolla

Robin was unfaithful to her mechanic and is seeking absolution. On a friend’s advice, Robin took her car to the dealer for the 30,000 mile checkup. She went back to her regular mechanic 5,000 miles later, and he apologized for forgetting to do 30,000 mile service, and stamped her book. Tom and Ray say Robin didn’t need to go to the dealer, and should confess. They offer to call her mechanic for her, but she won’t give his name.