Show Rundown

#1415: The Ant Picnic

Original Air Date: 04.12.2014
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a dealer trick that's not quite so bright.

Call 1

Catherine Fernia (Seattle, Washington) - 1992 Toyota Corolla

Catherine’s car tends to stutter and jerk when accelerating; it happens when she hits 20 mph in second gear and 30 mph in third. It gets worse if she hits the accelerator and stops if she puts her foot on the clutch. Her mechanic and husband have checked and changed many fuel-related parts. Also, Check Engine light comes on occasionally. Tom and Ray say it could just be clogged injectors, but she needs to get the car scanned so they can figure out what's causing the Check Engine light to come on.

Call 2

Nirav Fatale (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1999 Jeep Wrangler

Nariv left the car’s top down over night during rainstorm. When he came out the next day and the top was up and a neighbor told him horn had started blaring at 5 AM. Now, the horn doesn’t work and he thinks the neighbor disconnected it, but he can’t figure out how. Tom and Ray say he should look for the relays, but if worst comes to worst, he can ask neighbor how he did it.

Call 3

Richard Renalia (Hershey, Pennsylvania) - 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

Richard’s granddaughter car is going through lots of oil. He can see it gushing out of the engine. Tom and Ray think it’s coming from the oil pump and fixing it will require taking out the engine. If Richard wants to do it himself, he should find the John Muir book.

Call 4

Mara Owens (Ashland, Oregon) - 2000 Volkswagen Passat

Mara’s car is infested with ants. She’s tried to get rid of them several ways but has been unsuccessful. Tom and Ray don’t have great ideas--a flamethrower, or trying to lure them out with a picnic near the car. They suggest she call Martha Stewart.

Call 5

Tim (Providence, Rhode Island) - Saturn

Tim’s windshield wipers won’t turn off unless he bangs on the steering column or grabs the wiper blades at the bottom of their swing. The problem is likely a bad wiper motor. Tom and Ray say he can buy a used motor for ten dollars at a recycler. Or, he can just leave the motor unplugged and plug it back in when needed.

Call 6

Joan Deydameyer (Lamont, Illinois) - 1990 Ford Festiva

Stump the Chumps. Joan called because her car was making a squealing noise. Her husband said it was a belt, but she didn’t trust his car sense. Tom and Ray agreed it was a belt... and it wound up being a belt. Right Answer!

Call 7

Diane Kozakevitch (Riverhead, New York) - 1983 BMW 530

Diane's husband has an old BMW that is his pride-and-joy. He wants to re-build it so it’ll be ready for their 12-year-old son to drive. It’s now residing at his parents’ farm. She wants to dump it, but Tom and Ray say she should let him do it; he’ll work off stress, learn new words, etc.