Show Rundown

#1405: Roadhog Day

Original Air Date: 02.01.2014
Show Open Topic

Roadhog Day: Will Tommy's car cast a shadow? We find out.

Call 1

Joan Deydameyer (Lamont, Illinois) - 1990 Ford Festiva

Joan’s car makes a screeching noise when she accelerates from a stop or makes a sharp turn. Her husband thinks it’s the belt, but she doesn’t trust him since he dropped a bolt into a transmission 20 years ago. Tom and Ray say Joan’s husband is right--it’s a loose or glazed belt.

Call 2

Stephen Kimball (Hector, New York)

The doors on Stephen’s minivan freeze shut in cold weather, usually after some precipitation. It’s kept outside because the garage is inhabited by his wife’s chickens. Water is getting in through weather stripping and freezing. He needs to spray the weather stripping with silicone lubricant.

Call 3

Shlomit Oxxiell (Warren, Maine) - 1990 Plymouth Voyager

Shlomit’s husband drives with two feet, even though their car is an automatic. He also leaves the windshield wipers on when he shuts off the car. She thinks both of the are injurious to the car. Tom and Ray think it’s okay that he’s using two feet, since he’s a dancer and likely careful about not stepping on both pedals at once. But leaving the wipers on is bad, and can burn out the wiper motor if the blades get stuck to the glass overnight.

Call 4

Noah (Huntsville, Alabama) - 1977 Ford Van

Noah did a DIY repair on his choke stove, but had trouble getting a tight fitting between the tube and the choke. Now the choke is acting oddly. Tom and Ray say he failed to get the proper insulation that goes over the choke stove, an easy fix.

Call 5

Tracy Williams (New York, New York) - Nissan Stanza

Stump the Chumps. Tracy called because a car had been parked outside her house for two months. The police refused to tow it because it still had plates on. Tracy wanted to remove the plates, but Tom and Ray talked her out of it. She didn’t remove plates, and two weeks later, car relocated to the next block.

Call 6

Ryan (Bloomington, Minnesota) - 2001 Saturn SC

Ryan swapped all four tires and wheels with his wife’s 03 Saturn Ion. He went to switch back and wheels won’t come off his car. He had to force the lug nuts to get them on. Needed a breaker bar to do it. Tom and Ray say he’s swaged the metal—deformed it. He can loosen the wheel nuts and drive back and forth—they may break loose. Problem: probably the wrong wheels for the car. He might have to buy some new wheels.

Call 7

Andrea Larson (, Pennsylvania) - 1992 Honda Accord

Andrea’s windows fog up. Problem is moisture she’s brining in the car and the settings she’s using on her defogger. She needs to set it to outside air and have the AC on.

Call 8

Alok Gupta (, California) - 1996 Ford Mustang

Alok was showing off his synchronizer to friends. He tried shifting down to 1st while going 70 mph. The gears spun, he heard a loud noise, then couldn’t shift to any other gears. He got it to a mechanic who said he’d fried the clutch. Alok had it replaced but he’s still hearing grinding. Tom and Ray think there are still pieces of the old clutch in the transmission--Alok can try training them out. He’s lucky he didn’t blow the entire engine!