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#1402: Never Look a Gift Dart Under the Hood

Original Air Date: 01.11.2014
Show Open Topic

Who don't you trust? Tom and Ray share the results of a Gallup poll.

Call 1

Chana Weisenberg (Marlborough, Massachusetts) - 1994 Mercury Tracer

Chana’s calling about her first car, a hand-me down from her Dad. Dear old dad says she needs to warm the car 20 minutes before driving on cold mornings. Chana’s husband says it’s dangerous to let the car idle like this because it could catch on fire. Who’s right? Tom and Ray say neither! On extremely cold mornings, it’s fine to let the car warm up for a minute or two but 20 minutes is excessive. In more moderate temperatures you can just get in and drive.

Call 2

Seth Ward (Little Rock, Arkansas) - 1995 Mazda Millenia

Seth borrowed his mom's car, and It was making a clicking noise so he had the CV axles replaced. The noise went away, but then Seth did some brake work and the noise came back. It’s a clicking sound he only hears on sharp right turns. Did Seth mess something up? Tom and Ray say he’s off the hook. It’s more likely that the guys used a bad rebuilt axle, which just worked for a while.

Call 3

Kathy Washy (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - 1985 Toyota Corolla

Kathy is trying to convince her husband to dump their Corolla, but he refuses to let it go. It need a lot of work and even their mechanic says it's time to get rid of it. Kathy needs to convince husband it’s dangerous to drive--the frame could well be rotting away. Tom and Ray suggest that she enlist their mechanic to help her.

Call 4

Katherine (Albuquerque, New Mexico) - 1993 Mazda Protege

In the winter Katherine starts her car and lets it warm up. The temperature gauge rises to around the mid-point, but when she starts driving on the freeway, the temp gauge drops back down to Cold, and her heater begins blowing cold air. The problem is the thermostat; it’s either opening too early or sticking open.

Call 5

Cindy Daniels (Hopewell, New Jersey) - 2005 Toyota Matrix

The flap inside the gas compartment got twisted so you couldn’t pump gas. Cindy's husband tore it out and now there’s a large opening. Was that part necessary? Kinda... that part keeps the nozzle from falling out. Also, car is leased. Does Cindy have to divulge this DIY repair? Tom and Ray say she should tell, because it could have consequences for the next person who drives it.

Call 6

Kenneth Cramer (Palo Alto, California)

Kenneth and family took two cars to New Years Eve party. A valet attendant used their Dodge key to drive their Subaru. Kenneth wants to know if valet parker caused damage by jamming Dodge key in to ignition. Tom and Ray say it was just luck that this happened and is probably fine. He can check the Dodge key to make sure it isn't bent and in danger of breaking.

Call 7

Mary Evans (Shokan, New York) - 1976 Dodge Dart

Mary’s son’s is 17 years old. His girlfriend’s mother has offered to give him an older Dodge Dart for free. Mary is wondering if this is a good idea. The car has a slight oil leak, but the mechanic who has it says it’s otherwise in good shape. Tom and Ray say to get the car checked by another mechanic. If he says it’s okay her son can take it, assuming he won’t be driving long distances or at high speeds.

Call 8

Carl (Mansfield, Connecticut) - 1988 Plymouth Voyager

Carl’s driveway is very long and steep and he’s tired of paying people to plow it when it snows. Can he mount a plow on the front of his minivan? Tom and Ray say no. The minivan doesn’t have the power or 4-Wheel drive a plow truck would and will get stuck in the snow. They suggest he find an old beater truck and mount the plow on it.