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#1352: Bouncing Across Antarctica

Original Air Date: 12.28.2013
Show Open Topic

The true meaning of Santa Fe.

Call 1

Kelly (Durham, New Hampshire) - 1998 Honda CR-V

Kelly just moved from Alaska to New Hampshire so she asked her local Honda dealer to remove the block heaters. He said no--she’ll need them in NH. Is he just lazy? Tom and Ray say she may indeed need them and leaving them in does no harm. It's best to let sleeping block heaters lie.

Call 2

John Pollack (McMurdo Station, )

John is calling from McMurdo Station. The ride in the Delta vehicle they use on ice has gotten bouncy. The guys are hitting their heads on the ceiling. It’s actually Summer there now, so the temperatures are a bit warmer. Tom and Ray think the tires may now be over-inflated, which would make things bouncy.

Call 3

Carol Maggio (Redlands, California) - Subaru

Carol recently moved from New Mexico to California. Shortly after the move her car began making a noise, like bolts rattling in a dryer. She hears it going uphill at 30 to 50 mph. Tom and Ray say the car is pinging. The EGR isn’t working or timing is too advanced.

Call 4

Steve Hart (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Steve’s ex-wife Tammy has a trio of car problems. She has a ‘79 T-Bird that threw a rod. She also bought a ‘77 Dodge Van at an auction that has a stalling problem. She can trade the van for an ‘84 Tempo. Which should she keep? Tom and Ray say dump the T-bird, because fixing it will be expensive. They first recommend she keep the van but she says she’s uncomfortable driving it. So they say she should get the Tempo checked out and if it’s okay, go with the Tempo.

Call 5

Charlie Wamsley (, Michigan)

Charlie had his transmission overhauled. While driving home, his fan broke off and a car behind him ran into it. Can he blame the fan on the transmission guys? Tom and Ray say no, it was just a coincidence.

Call 6

Arup Gupta (Phoenix, Arizona)

During “monsoon season” in Arizona, a liquid often trickles from below the glove compartment in Arup’s car. Tom and Ray say the liquid is water, building up because the evaporator drains are plugged up. It’s an easy fix.

Call 7

Erin Huband (Silver Spring, Maryland) - 2002 Subaru Impreza

Erin teaches statistics. She was taking a bucket of beads to use in class and they spilled onto the floor of her car and disappeared. They likely got into heating duct work running under the floorboards, and are probably not doing any real harm. Tommy suggests jumping up and down on bumper to get them to roll to the one end of the car, then vacuuming them up.

Call 8

Leland Jones (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1987 Toyota Celica

Leland bought this car, and then drove it to Ohio. Along the way, he discovered it couldn’t “pull a hill." It had no power while climbing and would slow from 80 down to 35 mph. A Toyota dealer told him it was the catalytic converter, but another mechanic said it was the exhaust, so Leland got a new exhaust system but the car still can’t pull a hill. Tom and Ray think it probably is the catalytic converter, but also suggest Leland get a compression test.