Show Rundown

#1351: Eddie and Edie Electron

Original Air Date: 12.21.2013
Show Open Topic

Two British listeners response to a Magliozzi culinary critique.

Call 1

Betsy Stone (Stamford, Connecticut) - 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

Every Winter, Betsy’s car starts squeaking and makes a creaking noise when she goes over a bump. It seems to be coming from the rear. Her mechanic says it’s nothing dangerous. Tom and Ray think it’s likely a control arm bushing. Betsy’s mechanic should be able to figure it out by bouncing on the rear bumper. It’s not dangerous.

Call 2

Veronica (Wareham, Massachusetts) - Land Rover

Veronica’s husband wants to buy a 1963/64 Land Rover. She thinks this is a bad idea for several reasons--it will be unreliable, impossible to find parts, and it’s too big. Tom and Ray say Veronica’s fears are all valid, but her husband needs to do this as a "guy thing" so she should grin and bear it.

Call 3

Waymon (Portland, Oregon) - 1989 Ford Probe

Waymon’s windows steam up from the inside but he can’t find any pools of water, so he doubts water is leaking in. Tom and ray say he must have a leak--likely through the windshield, and he may find water if he can look under the carpet. He needs to get rid of the water and stop the leak, or the car will begin developing mold spores.

Call 4

Steve Klein (Prescott, Arizona) - 1986 Toyota Camry

It’s time to change the timing belt on Steve’s Camry. He used to be a mechanic a long time ago. Can he do the job himself? Tom and Ray say he can go for it--even if he gets something wrong it won’t wreck the engine on this car.

Call 5

Debbie Hoffman (Columbus, Ohio) - Honda

Last winter, Debbie tried to get her car out of a snow bank by revving the engine and rocking the car back and forth from reverse to first gear. Ever since, the car’s been making a rattling, vibrating noise from the front when the engine is at 2700 RPM. Tom and Ray think the noise is likely due to a loose heat shield, which may or may not have been caused by Debbie’s snow adventure. This is not a big deal to fix, but trying to get out of snow this way could kill her clutch, so they recommend she carry a small snow shovel and use that instead.

Call 6

Jim Marsh (Evanston, Illinois) - 1997 Toyota Tercel

Jim loaned his car to his nephew, who used a broken bottle to scratch ice off windshield. Now it's completely scratched, and is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Can it be buffed out? Or should he replace the whole windshield? Tom and Ray he's going to need to get his windshield replaced.

Call 7

Oron Pascal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 1994 Isuzu Trooper

When Oron’s car rolls backwards, he gets a bad smell (like rotten eggs). He only notices it going backwards. Tom and Ray say the smell is hydrogen sulfide, because the catalytic converter isn’t working properly. Going backwards, he’s rolling into the smell. He can try changing brands of gas to see if he can find one with less sulfur.

Call 8

Michelle (Wheaton, Illinois) - 1997 Saturn SL

Michelle’s car was in an accident and required lots of body work. The day after she drove it home the car wouldn’t start. She finally got it started by opening the door, putting her foot outside, and violently rocking the car back and forth. The problem is a loose ground connection in the starter, keeping Eddie and Edie Electron from jumping back and forth.

Call 9

Reed Mumford (Graham, North Carolina) - Ford Bronco

Reed’s wife wants to use his beloved Bronco to tow her horse and its very expensive trailer. He’s afraid this will shorten whatever is left of the Bronco’s life. Tom and Ray agree that it’s not great for the Bronco. They suggest Reed talk his wife into getting a less expensive trailer and putting the savings towards an old F-350.