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#1348: Repair Via Rock

Original Air Date: 11.30.2013
Show Open Topic

Au contraire, Piston Pusses! Here's a better way to dump a Cavalier.

Call 1

Leslie Hollis (St. Augustine, Florida) - 2002 Honda CR-V

Leslie has trouble restarting her car after it’s been sitting for a while. The engine cranks but the fuel gauge registers empty--even when she knows it’s full. Eventually the car restarts and after 35-40 minutes the gauge will read correctly. The ground connection on this car is the same for the fuel pump and the sending unit. Tom and Ray think the connection may be corroded which would cause both problems. Leslie should check with the dealer. There may be a technical service bulletin on this.

Call 2

Paul (Eugene, Oregon) - 1978 Toyota Corolla

Transmission fluid is leaking through Paul’s dashboard. How is it getting there? Tom and Ray say it's through the speedometer cable; it’s the only link between the transmission and the dash. The seal that attaches the cable to the transmission is leaking. Paul needs to fix this or the transmission will be cooked from running out of fluid. It should be a cheap fix.

Call 3

Suzanne Eizman (South Egremont, Massachusetts) - Ford

This car is Suzanne’s husband’s true love. When it’s parked in the garage, gas fumes permeate the house and Suzanne is getting ill. The gas is leaking through the carburetor which needs to be replaced. Suzanne’s husband has bought a replacement carburetor he plans on installing in the spring. In the meantime, Tom and Ray suggest draining the gas from the car or removing the carburetor.

Call 4

Romeo Alonzo (Albuquerque, New Mexico) - 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Romeo and his friend were “peeling out” a while back and the car started making a clicking sound, like a collapsed lifter. So, he left it for a while. Now, the clicking is gone, but the car has no power. Tom and Ray think the timing chain may have jumped or the car has a fouled spark plug. There’s a very small chance Romeo threw a rod.

Call 5

Allen Able (Westport, Connecticut)

Allen’s Volvo starts itself every once in a while, and his mechanics are baffled. His TV also starts itself. Tom and Ray think the Volvo’s starting may be caused by a bad switch. Allen should try unplugging the starter switch every night and see if the problem goes away. Or his neighbor could be trying to "gaslight" him by cooking up some kind of remote starter for the car and TV.

Call 6

Amy Arnold (Anderson, Indiana) - 1995 Ford Escort

Amy’s speedometer spins around in a circle, and it’s driving her crazy. Should she punch out the dashboard? Tom and Ray say the speedometer head is bad and it's an easy fix. She can go to a junkyard and find a used instrument cluster and get someone to replace it.