Show Rundown

#1347: Just Say Bang

Original Air Date: 11.23.2013
Show Open Topic

Tommy goes to target practice: in the US Army. His strategy? Just say, "Bang!"

Call 1

Allison Moon (, Ohio) - 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Alison’s “door open” warning chime goes off when she drives with the lights on and her foot on the gas. When she takes her foot off the gas it stops. Ray thinks the switch that sets off the alarm is slightly out of adjustment so when she accelerates, the door frame moves enough to make it think the door is open.

Call 2

Joel Gorfinkel (Bexley, Ohio) - Mercedes-Benz

Joel’s car makes a snoring sound--it only happens in first gear when the car is cold. The car seems to run fine and the noise goes away after a while. Tom and Ray stymied but think it’s not serious. To ease Joel’s concerns, they try post-hypnotic suggestion. They have Joel call back and tell him it’s a band in the transmission vibrating--nothing to worry about.

Call 3

Alex Minth (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Alex loves his truck, but his mechanic told him it “dropped a valve," and it’s time to say goodbye. The truck runs a little rough, but isn’t making any horrible noises. Joel wants to know how to say goodbye. Tom and Ray think Alex’s mechanic misspoke--it’s probably just burned a valve, and is only running on three cylinders. If everything else is okay, Alex can get this fixed and keep driving the truck--he should find an older mechanic.

Call 4

Jim Simpson (Inkster, Mississippi) - 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis

If Jim sits in his car with the radio and heater on for about 30 minutes and then shuts the car off, it won’t re-start--makes a weak sound. After he waits a while, the car will start. Likely causes are: excessive carbon buildup or bad timing. It could also be the starter motor or marginal battery.

Call 5

Maria (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) - 1988 Toyota Tercel

Maria hears a noise when she makes a turn from a full stop--it’s kind of a “thump thump thump." She first noticed it on left turns, but now hears it on left and right. It’s likely a bad CV joint--she can waits until the noise gets worse to fix it.

Call 6

Fran Pope (Columbia, Missouri)

Fran inherited this car from her grandfather. It only has 43,000 miles on it, and Fran’s dad thinks it would be great for Fran’s 15-year old daughter to drive. Her daughter called it the “Party Barge," so Fran is worried about safety, and whether its size will allow her daughter to drive too many friends around. Tom and Ray think the car should be okay--lots of metal helps the safety, but it handles terribly. Fran may want to re-engineer the back seat so it can’t hold as many passengers.

Call 7

Tracy Williams (Staten Island, New York)

An ethical question. A car, a Nissan Stanza, has been parked outside her house for two months. The cops won’t tow it because it has plates. She wants to remove plates so city will tow away. Her husband says not to. Tom agrees with the husband--may belong to someone who’s been sick in the hospital for months? Ray suggests trying to break in to see if she can find registration, or towing it down the block or “accidentally” helping the plates fall off so cops will tow it.