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#1343: Hold the Cream Rinse

Original Air Date: 10.26.2013
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A brilliant deduction at the checkout line.

Call 1

Grace Gorenflow (Arlington, Virginia) - 1998 Volvo V70

Grace’s Dad rolled down the window, and the suction cup holding the shade got sucked into the door. Dad offered to buy a new suction cup--but does Grace need to get the door taken apart to fish out the old one? Tom and Ray say she can leave it there--it’s not doing any harm.

Call 2

Doug Harrison (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) - 1985 Ford Pickup

Last fall when Doug turned on defroster for first time, he got thick black smoke and smell of burning paper. His wife says it was dried up bugs that caught on fire--Doug told her she was nuts, but when he took the dashboard off, he saw lots of bug carcasses. Tom and Ray think it’s unlikely to be bug carcasses, because the engine doesn’t get hot enough to ignite them. But, they don’t have a good explanation and suggest Doug burn some dead bugs to see if the smell is the same.

Call 3

Susan Tisier (Salt Lake City, Utah) - 1986 Toyota Tercel

Susan is hearing a “whoomp whoomp” sound, from the right front passenger wheel. She thought it might be the tire, but the noise is slower than the tire rotation. Tom and Ray think it’s likely a bad wheel bearing.

Call 4

Linda and Rick (Ashland, Oregon) - Mazda

Linda’s husband Rick wants her to buy him a supercharger for his Miata. It will help him go from 0 to 60 faster, but she doesn’t think it’s worth the extra cash. She’s also worried it’s not safe. Tom and Ray agree with Linda--it’s a bad idea, mostly because it’s dangerous. Rick is on the line, so Tom and Ray try to convince him it’s a bad idea.

Call 5

Tom Jones (Topeka, Kansas) - 1990 Plymouth Acclaim

When Tom’s car warms up, it sometimes starts bucking and lugging. This only happens at mid-speeds. At 50-60 mph it doesn't stall. He already checked the fuel pump and replaced the plugs. Tom and Ray think it’s likely to be a bad throttle position switch.

Call 6

Jonathan (Denver, Colorado) - 1985 Honda Accord

Jon's car had a cold start problem--it started but then cut out after a few second, and Jon had to double clutch and limp to the mechanic. His first mechanic said it was the carburetor. So he went to a carburetor guy who keeps replacing things, but still hasn’t fixed the problem. Now, the guy thinks the fuel shut-off solenoid is stuck halfway. Tom and Ray think that’s bogus--the problem is likely not in the carburetor and Jon should take the car to someone who’s not a carburetor specialist.

Call 7

Sharon (Spokane, Washington)

Sharon’s having hair problems. After long drives, her hair loses its body and gets flat. It's worse in the summer. She’s wondering what’s causing this, and if there’s some air ionization device that could prevent it. Ray suggests it’s her cream rinse. He also suggests she’s tensing up while driving, and that’s doing something to her hair. Is Sharon sure she wants to be asking these guys beauty tips?