Show Rundown

#1337: The Stunad Stare

Original Air Date: 09.14.2013
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a woman's Insights Into Men.

Call 1

Wendy Engles (Easthampton, Massachusetts) - 1991 Toyota Pickup

Wendy hears a vibrating noise whenever she starts the car. After driving about 200 yards it goes away. This also happens at high speed on the highway whenever she turns the wheel, but goes away when she steps on brakes. Dad suggested brakes, but she recently got new pads. Tom and Ray say her dad’s right--sounds like a stuck caliper. The guys who did the brake job may have not turned them properly.

Call 2

Rory Wohl (Burton, Ohio)

Rory’s lawn tractor ran out of gas. He tried to siphon some out of his car using a piece of washing machine hose, but was unsuccessful. Has it become impossible to siphon gas or is he just incompetent? Tom and Ray say it is more difficult to siphon, but he was using too big a hose. He needs to get a smaller hose, and a check valve would be good too.

Call 3

Lisa Munson (Seattle, Washington) - 1987 Honda Civic

Lisa’s car makes a terrible screeching noise when she first starts it. The noise goes away pretty quickly, but it’s still embarrassing. Her dad had the car tuned, with new belts. Her mechanic says she has a glazed pulley, but she doesn’t know what that means. Tom and Ray say the glazed pulley is bogus; it's more likely that they didn’t put one of the new belts on tightly enough, most likely the alternator belt.

Call 4

Lynn Frederickson (Eldorado Springs, Missouri) - 1987 Ford F150

When Lynn turns on the heat or defroster she gets big clouds of steam. She knows the radiator is leaking and was told she could use black pepper to plug it. Will that work? Tom and Ray say black pepper can help, as can Bar's Leak, or a similar product. But, she should really replace the heater core, because she’ll still be breathing antifreeze otherwise.

Call 5

James White (Dallas, Texas) - Lexus

James’s friend is going to Europe for a year and is planning to either store his Lexus or have it shipped over. James would like to convince his friend to let him use the car instead. Can Tom and Ray help? Alas, the guys say the friend should take the car, especially since he’s hoping to meet women. Also, James has kids who very well might trash it in a year. Out of all his friend's options, storing it for a year is the worst.

Call 6

Tom Ward (North Bennington, Vermont) - 1993 Toyota Pickup

Tom’s son and his girlfriend are moving to Oregon. They’re planning to drive across in her pickup truck, towing Tom’s son’s 1978 Land Cruiser. Tom thinks this is a bad idea, but is worried that if he says anything, his son will just give him the “Stunad stare” and ignore him. Should he just keep his mouth shut? Tom suggests trying reverse psychology. Ray thinks they’ll burn out the clutch on the pickup before they get out of New Jersey, so he may not need to say anything.