Show Rundown

#1336: Haircut Etiquette

Original Air Date: 09.07.2013
Show Open Topic

"Mama Get The Hammer, There's a Fly on Papa's Head," and other great country-western song titles.

Call 1

Tom Zengol (Rockville, Maryland) - 1987 Nissan Pathfinder

Tom thinks his car is due for new shocks. It has the “active suspension” option and replacing the special shocks would cost $850. Can he put regular shocks on and save some money? He’s planning a road trip with his mom and girlfriend. Tom and Ray aren’t sure whether regular shocks will fit--it may be a different assembly, with different springs. He can look into it, but he really must replace the shocks before the trip.

Call 2

Darrell Murray (Nitro, West Virginia)

Darrell has a moral quandary. While on a long drive, he needed to “take a haircut." The only one he saw for miles was in a fast-food restaurant. Since he used the restroom, was he obligated to buy something? Tom and Ray say he shouldn’t feel guilty unless the restroom has a sign saying “for paying customers only.”

Call 3

Bill Chestnut (Pleasant Plains, Illinois)

Bill heard you could replace a broken belt with panty hose. So, when his car threw a serpentine belt while out driving, he used his daughter’s tights. After three miles, though, they flew apart. Were they the wrong size, the wrong color? Tom and Ray think the tights weren’t big enough, and got over-stretched. Full-size panty hose might have worked.

Call 4

Steven Leronomo (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) - 1984 Honda Accord

Steve’s car is blowing smoke from the valve cover gasket and carburetor. His teenage son says it’s the rings. Tom and Ray agree--the car needs a ring job. Steve’s son can take it to his high school auto shop class to work on.

Call 5

Erica Brown (Birmingham, Alabama) - 1989 Toyota Camry

Erica is hoping to get her Camry to 200,000 miles. But, over the past year it’s been making a loud metallic screeching sound when she starts the car. It’s becoming more frequent--now happens daily. Tom and Ray say it's a gear clash in her starter, because of missing teeth on the flywheel. Erica’s going to need a new starter if she wants to make it to 200k.

Call 6

Colleen (Cold Creek, Nevada)

Colleen and her husband just bought a new house in the mountains. It’s at 5300 feet, at the end of bad road. Their neighbors say they need a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Tom and Ray agree, and suggest several options. Ray also suggests building an aerial tramway.

Call 7

Charlie Harvie (Berea, Kentucky) - 1991 Ford Explorer

Charlie’s wife is a potter. They were hauling a ton of clay (literally) through the mountains, when he noticed smoke out the back... he added transmission fluid, and the smoking stopped. It hasn’t needed fluid since. Should he be worried? Ray says he’s got a leak in the transmission cooler line at high revs. Smoke was likely caused by the transmission fluid getting on hot exhaust.

Call 8

Carolyn (Boulder, Colorado)

Carolyn’s husband treats their automatic transmission as if it’s a stick shift--when he comes to a stop, he shifts into second gear. She’s convinced this is wrecking the engine. Tom and Ray say it’s doing no harm to the car, and is actually making her husband feel better by giving him something to do.

Call 9

Karen Dredge (Cedarburg, Wisconsin)

Karen’s Citroën shakes violently when it reaches 30 k/hr. Tom and Ray say part of her suspension is wearing out. It could be tie-rod ends, ball joints or something else, but whatever it is, it’s dangerous, and she needs to get the car looked at ASAP. While they're on the subject, they also try to convince Karen to dump it and get “real car.”