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#1335: The Fraternity of Teenagers

Original Air Date: 08.31.2013
Show Open Topic

Can't men be right at least once?!

Call 1

Fayne Erickson (, Connecticut) - 1995 Subaru Impreza

Fayne has an occasional problem starting her car-- the key won’t turn. It’s intermittent, and if she kept trying, she can usually eventually get it to turn. Tom and Ray think the problem could be the steering wheel lock--Fayne should try jiggling the wheel while turning the key. If not that, she could need a new ignition switch, or the lock may just need to be greased.

Call 2

Thomas (Austin, Texas) - 1999 Ford F150

Thomas’ truck has about 25,000 miles on it. He took it for an oil change, and the mechanic told him his fuel was getting “gooey," and offered a fuel system cleaning for $39.95. Thomas turned down the offer. Does his truck need this, or was the guy trying to rip him off? Tom and Ray say it was a ripoff. If the truck was running poorly a cleaning could help, but in this case, it was unnecessary.

Call 3

Joan Hellbig (Alexandria, Virginia) - Plymouth

Joan’s daughter drives this car. It has a tendency to stall in wet weather. When it does, Joan’s daughter opens the hood and puts a stick in the choke. Joan is worried this is not safe, and would like to fix the problem. Tom and Ray say the likely causes are a mis-adjusted choke, a bad choke pull-off, or bad spark plug wires...any of which should be cheap and easy to fix.

Call 4

Deena Barlev (Gaithersburg, Maryland) - Chevrolet

Deena wants to do a horn transplant on her Nova. Twice in the last few months, she’s been hit by a large truck--so she wants to install a truck horn to make her car’s presence known. Can she do this? Yes she can, but the problem may be that her horn is broken--the car has two horns, and one may no longer be working. If she gets the horn fixed, the car should be loud enough. Tom suggests getting the truck horn.

Call 5

Geoff (Berkeley, California) - 1994 Volkswagen Vanagon

Geoff called because he heard an intermittent knocking sound coming from the rear of his car--it would go away whenever he got near his mechanic. Tom and Ray said it was one or more bad axles.

Call 6

Roe Gross (Seattle, Washington) - Honda Civic

Roe borrowed her friend’s car for three months while he was away. She was so concerned about proper shifting that she didn’t notice she was repeatedly driving with the parking brake on. Her friend just got back--should she tell him, and did she wear out his parking brake? She may have caused wear on the regular brakes by glazing the pads, so Tom and Ray say she should 'fess up!

Call 7

Sid Burns (Lantana, Florida) - Nissan Maxima

When Sid makes a sharp right or left turn, he hears a rubbing sound--like tires hitting the fender. But his mechanics say they don’t see evidence of this happening to the tires. Tom and Ray think it is the tires--suggest Sid looks for “scalloping” or uneven wear. It may be that the last time Sid got tires, they didn’t give him the right size.

Call 8

Terri Weaver (Indian Head, Maryland)

Terri’s 16-year-old son wants to buy a 1960’s muscle car to help him meet girls. She’s trying to convince him to get something safer. Tom and Ray say she should try to convince him that girls will be more attracted to something funky--like an ‘86 Volvo with different color doors. They bring Tom’s 18-year-old son Alex into the studio for support, but he agrees with Terri’s kid, because he can’t violate the “fraternity of teenagers."