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#1334: The Pinkwater Measurement

Original Air Date: 08.24.2013
Show Open Topic

The Pinkwater Measurement. Tom and Ray suggest a new way for measuring the ever expanding American rump... the Pinkwater!

Call 1

Jill Silas (Durham, New Hampshire) - 1985 Pontiac 6000

JIll's engine bogs down when she accelerates at 40 m.p.h. At slower speeds it tends to stall. Can Tom and Ray help her out?

Call 2

Greg (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1992 Ford Probe

Greg is seeing a lot of smoke when he first starts up the car in the morning. What's wrong with his exhaust system?

Call 3

Daniel Pinkwater (, New York)

After Tom and Ray's little announcement, they get a phone call from none other than Mr. Pinkwater himself. So how does he feel about lending his name to a tuchus-measurement?

Call 4

John Nelson (Gloversville, Florida) - 1992 Volkswagen Golf

John's Golf pulls to the right when he's headed uphill. Guess which way it pulls when he's heading downhill. Can Tom and Ray diagnose his problem?

Call 5

Kathleen Sullivan (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1991 Buick Century

Kathleen just smashed in the front end of her trusty Buick and now she needs a new car. Her family thinks she should buy an SUV but she's opposed to them. Tom and Ray wade into this family dispute with some advice for Kathleen.

Call 6

Sanje (Somerville, Massachusetts) - Honda Prelude

Sanjay lives on a narrow street, and he's had his driver's side mirror clipped four times. He's wondering if there's any way he can prevent this, or whether it's okay to resort to Plan B: putting spikes on the mirror to inflict reciprocal damage. Will Tom and Ray approve his plan?

Call 7

Shannon Wilkerson (Greenville, South Carolina) - Volkswagen

Susan's car has a smell and what's worse is she starts to smell like the car after she drives in it. She's an alumni director at a university and has face-to-face meetings all day long, so she has to do something about this situation. Tom and Ray have some ideas.

Call 8

Dave Wharton (, North Carolina) - 1995 Ford Windstar

Dave's "door ajar" chime goes off constantly in hot weather. Tom and Ray think one of his door pillar switches is affected by the heat and not sending the signal to the computer that the door is actually closed. He can figure out which one is broken by starting the car and leaning on each door until the dinging stops.

Call 9

Matthew (, Georgia) - 1996 Plymouth Voyager

Matthew is concerned about his Plymouth Voyager (but not for the reasons you'd expect!). Whenever he washes it, he leaves streaks on the car. How can he prevent this?