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#1332: The Bread Also Rises

Original Air Date: 08.10.2013
Show Open Topic

"I was defatigable, so I had to leave at a godly hour." Tom and Ray share one person's unique story of how he met his wife.

Call 1

Vivek Shinoy (Nashville, Tennessee) - 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

When Vivek runs his AC, a puddle forms under the driver’s seat. Tom and Ray say it’s water--Vivek’s AC evaportator drain is plugged up. He just needs someone to blow out the drains--but he should do it soon, because mold spores could form.

Call 2

Raina Saunders (Port Arthur, Texas) - 1989 Mazda 626

Raina hears a noise coming from the back--kind of a moaning sound. It happens even if the car isn’t moving. Tom and Ray think it’s a bad fuel pump. She also asks if her husband is correct when he says you get better gas mileage in a pickup truck if you keep the tailgate down. Tom and Ray say this is true.

Call 3

Alan (Arlington, Virginia)

Alan and his family are in the US for one year. His wife often travels, so he’s home alone with their child. She thinks they should get a 10-year-old car, but Alan wants something newer and more reliable. Tom and Ray side with Alan. They also suggest he look into a one-year lease.

Call 4

Darlene Wright (, Pennsylvania) - 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Darlene’s son drove her car into a creek, ruining the engine. Since putting in a new engine, the car bucks when she gets above 45 miles per hour--feels like it’s not getting gas. It’s also leaking oil. Should she dump the car? Tom and Ray say to trade it in--the bucking is likely a problem in the computer.

Call 5

Kirsten Michener (Bethesda, Maryland) - 1986 Honda CRX

Kirsten is relocating to Kosovo for two years, to work for the government. They have a facility where she can store her car--she wants to know what questions she needs to ask to make sure the car will be okay. Tom and Ray run through a list--will the car be on blocks? Will they plug the intake and exhaust? Is the facility humidity controlled? Can Tom sleep in the car when his wife throws him out of the house? They also say there may be a government manual, and suggest Kirsten try to find it and call back next week.

Call 6

Jeff Pixler (Clovis, New Mexico) - 1992 Nissan Pickup

Jeff called because his bread maker began producing hockey pucks after he moved from New Orleans to New Mexico. Tom and Ray said he needed to account for higher altitude by using less yeast. Jeff tried this, but still got hockey pucks. Wrong Answer! This time, Tom and Ray offer Laura Brody's suggestion to adjust amount of water.

Call 7

Mark Resatar (, Michigan) - 1985 Ford Ranger

Mark’s truck shakes--it usally happens when he gets up to 55 mph, and has been getting worse. It’s almost throwing his dog out of the truck! He can often make the shaking stop by punching the accelerator or taking his foot off the accelerator. Mark thinks the noise is coming from the engine, but Tom and Ray think it’s a bad ball joint, that could be about to break. Mark needs to fix this ASAP, as it could be dangerous.

Call 8

Leslie Blake (New York, New York) - Honda Accord

Leslie’s husband doesn’t like the way she parks. She doesn’t straighten the steering wheel, and he says this throws the car out of alignment, and “puts strain on joint connecting the tires to the driveshaft." Tom and Ray say that her husband is crazy--she’s not wearing anything out, or doing any harm.