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#1328: Dispersion via Dave's Chin

Original Air Date: 07.13.2013
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share one of their favorite jokes of all time: the bridge to Hawaii.

Call 1

Brett Hogaboam (Pullman, Washington) - Toyota

Brett gets an electrical shock when he gets out of his car and touches anything metallic. It’s especially bad when he has a cellphone earpiece in. Tom and Ray think the problem is his tires--they’re low rolling resistance, and the silica compound doesn’t fully discharge static. Ground straps should help.

Call 2

Alexandria Heather (Keene, New Hampshire) - Ford

Alexandria and her boyfriend inherited this car from her grandparents. Her boyfriend wants to dump it for a Subaru. It’s making a noise like the ball in a spray-paint can, and it’s coming from the right front wheel. The noise seems to go away at 35 mph. Tom and Ray think the noise is just a pebble in the wheel cover which should be easy to fix.

Call 3

Spencer Portier (Miami, Florida) - 1987 Honda Accord

Spencer just got new tires. After driving one day for about a half-hour, he touched the lug nuts and they were very hot--too hot to touch. Is this normal? Ray says it is normal, if Spencer was doing a lot of stop and go driving. Using the brakes will heat the lug nuts. Tom says there may be a problem if this is happening after highway driving. In that case, Sepncer might want to get his brakes checked.

Call 4

Beth Jacobs (Schenectady, New York) - 1990 Honda Accord

Beth's mom's car starts revving high whenever she goes about 30 mph, and the engine smells like something burning. Tom and Ray say it's a classic case of a bad clutch...but this car is an automatic! Tom and Ray think it could also be a frozen parking brake.

Call 5

Tracy (Charleston, South Carolina)

Remember Elisa from last week? Her boyfriend was offered a car by Elisa's parents--in exchange for marrying Elisa. Today we hear from the boyfriend, Tracy. He says he had been planning to propose but the car offer made him uncomfortable. They turned down the car, but they're getting married anyway!

Call 6

Jim Parish (Pacifica, California) - 1979 Toyota Celica

JIm was driving his fiancee's car when it overheated and warped the heads. He replaced the head gasket but thinks he might have mislabeled a vacuum hose, because now when he starts the car, the engine revs wildly until it stalls. Tom and Ray suspect he left the PCV hose loose, and explain how he can put this theory to the test.

Call 7

Nancy Jodaitis (Worcester, Massachusetts) - Ford

Nancy is moving to California and wants to take her Falcon with her. But it had a recent problem, losing power and emitting white smoke. She had a valve job done and it was fine for a while, but then started making a ticking noise which was diagnosed as a stuck ring. Should she still take the car with her, after all this? Tom and Ray say yes, but she should probably have it shipped rather than try to drive it. They are also not too sure about the stuck ring diagnosis.

Call 8

Dave Kelly (Marlton, New Jersey) - Audi A8

Dave’s keyless remote has limited range. His son discovered that if he holds the remote under his chin and directs it at his skull the range doubles! Ray says he’s noticed same thing with his TV remote, and claims it’s “dispersion”--bouncing beams off something improves the range. Tom says Ray’s theory is boooooooo-gus.