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#1326: A Chicken Under Every Hood

Original Air Date: 06.29.2013
Show Open Topic

Signs found in kitchens.

Call 1

Cathy (Norwalk, Connecticut) - Nissan Sentra

Cathy’s head gasket blew at only 47,000 miles. She went to a local shop, got a new one, which blew a year and a half later. So, she went to the dealer, who charged her $2000 for another head gasket. Now, in stop and go traffic, the temperature gauge is starting to rise again. Tom and Ray think head gasket was a symptom, not a cause. They think her electric cooling fan is not coming on which is making the engine get too hot.

Call 2

Spencer Howser (Bellingham, Washington) - BMW

Spencer’s father-in-law gave him a rebuilt engine in pieces for Christmas. Spencer is confident that he can put the engine together and install it, but doesn’t know how to break it in once it’s running. Tom and Ray say he should drive the car gently--change the oil early and often and don’t let the engine rev too high.

Call 3

Amy MacKinnon (Marshfield, Massachusetts) - 1992 Ford Aerostar

Amy and her husband took a vow of poverty, so they’re driving two beaters. His car is a ‘92 Sunbird with 180,000 miles that needs a lot of work. Her car is a ‘92 Aerostar. Which one should they dump to get a new car? Tom and Ray say the Sunbird should go and Amy’s husband gets the new car.

Call 4

Jane Polarulo (Umatilla National Forest, Oregon) - 1994 Mazda Pickup

Jane’s truck behaves oddly on hot days. If she shuts it off then starts again while the engine is hot, it lurches and bucks as if it’s not getting the right amount of gas. Also, the engine revs up and down. Her mechanic put it on a scanner, and got 70 codes. Tom and Ray think the problem is likely in her ignition system--one of the components is bad, causing the spark to be interrupted, leading to other problems. Her mechanic should be able to figure out which component is not working properly.

Call 5

Michael (Niagra Falls, New York) - 1990 Lincoln Town Car

Stump the Chumps! Michael called in about his father-in-law's Lincoln. It was stalling whenever he’d make a sharp turn. Dad’s mechanics were stumped, so he told Michael he could have the car if he could get it fixed. Tom said it was a faulty idle boost control. Right Answer! Michael got it fixed, but his father-in-law said he was only joking about giving him the car.

Call 6

John Winkley (Farmington, New Mexico)

Miks is a mechanic. His evil ex-girlfriend called and asked him to do a simple repair. He usually gives friends a break on his labor rate, but he doesn’t know if that applies to exes. He’s got a new girlfriend, and he’s pretty sure the ex isn’t trying to get back together. Tom and Ray say to tread carefully--do the work, give her a break on price, but then steer clear!

Call 7

Josh (Darby, Montana) - 1980 Toyota Pickup

Josh hears a “tinkling” rattle coming from underneath, while the truck is moving. He tried to figure out where the noise was coming from by driving with his head out the door looking underneath, but didn’t see anything obvious. Tom and Ray think it’s likely just a piece of the exhaust that’s loose. They suggest he try a safer way of locating the noise, like using a hammer on different clamps while the truck is not moving.

Call 8

Sara Adams (Streetsboro, Ohio) - 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

Sara drove to the airport and then to church one Sunday morning in February. Friends told her her chicken was standing around, out in the parking lot. She has no idea where it could have hidden, and how it didn’t get crushed. Tom and Ray say the chicken was likely under the hood, because it was warm--there are plenty of places it could hide in there.