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#1324: The No-Headliner Look

Original Air Date: 06.15.2013
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Just in Time for Father's Day: Tales of Tom and Ray's Dad

Call 1

Brent Spodek (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) - Audi

Brent’s car uses very expensive “mineral oil” for power steering and it’s leaking--about a quart a week. The mechanic told Brent the leak was coming from the rack which needs to be replaced, and is also very expensive. Ray thinks the leak may just be a hose and gives Brent a way to test it. If it's not the hose, then mechanic is right and the rack will need to be replaced.

Call 2

Keller Maginaw (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1992 Toyota Pickup

Keller and her partner were driving her truck when someone told them their rear passenger side wheel was wobbling. Keller checked, and none of the wheel nuts were loose. She’s wondering if this was caused by an accident they had two years ago, and if it’s dangerous. Tom and Ray say it’s likely not dangerous if it’s been doing it this long--it could be a bad wheel, or an axle flange that got bent in the accident.

Call 3

Matt Bair (Dearborn, Michigan) - 1996 Dodge Intrepid

Matt and his wife were driving with the AC on, on a hot day. White mist began coming from the vents--his wife said it was a “death fog” and told him to turn off the car. Matt said it was just condensation from the AC. Tom and Ray say Matt was right; it was just from the air conditioning and nothing to worry about.

Call 4

Al "The Bookie" Rivolino (Kaiserslautern, Germany, ) - 1969 Cadillac Seville

Al got a valve job done and since then his gas mileage has dropped from 12 to 8.5 MPG. His daughter wants to use this car for her upcoming wedding. Ray suspects that the choke is not opening all the way.

Call 5

Tim Taylor (Orlando, Florida) - 1989 Buick Park Avenue

Stump the Chumps. Tim called because his AC was coming out the defroster vents and fogging his windows. (He got the car from his mom.) Tom and Ray said it was a faulty vacuum motor and that Tim should send the repair bill to Mom. Tim says it turned out to be the “programmer”--with vacuum fumes going in and out. So, they were neither right nor wrong. But, Tim’s Mom is also on the line, and she's not happy with Tom and Ray!

Call 6

Frank Frye (Maple Valley, Washington) - 1987 Acura Integra

Frank’s car is making a moaning sound--it starts when he steps on the brakes, which gets worse as the car slows, and goes away when the car stops. It’s coming from the rear. He recently had new pads put in, but used aftermarket. The noise itself isn’t dangerous, but Tom and Ray think getting factory pads and the grease that goes with them will make the sound go away.

Call 7

Cheryl (North Liberty, Iowa) - Chevrolet

The headliner is falling down in Cheryl's Nova, and it's messing with her hair. She's a custom clothing designer so she's wondering if she can fashion one herself. Tom and Ray say she can, but replacing the headliner requires removing the windshield, which is expensive. They have a couple cheaper suggestions such as using a broom handle to hold up the existing liner, or a rug.