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#1322: The Citroen Invasion

Original Air Date: 06.01.2013
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Faster than the speed of light?!

Call 1

Patty (Nashua, New Hampshire) - 1987 Honda Accord

Patty's car shakes when she steps on the brake, but otherwise they seem to be working fine. Her dad says not to worry about it but Tom and Ray disagree. It could just be a warped disc, but it could also be worn ball joints or tie rod ends which could break and be very dangerous. Patty should have this checked out right away.

Call 2

Steve Klatsky (Alexandria, Virginia) - 1989 Honda Civic

Steve’s Check Engine light comes on but only when he parks at the Pentagon, which he does a couple nights a week during basketball season. It's a 10-mile drive and he leaves the car for several hours. Ray thinks it could be a bad oxygen sensor, and there's something about the unique combination of the drive and time it’s left sitting. Tom tries an incantation.

Call 3

Denise Hudgins (Lino Lakes, Minnesota)

Denise’s friend is coming to the US from Germany, and bringing his Citroen. He’s planning to drive from New York to Minnesota. Is he crazy to do this? What kind of problems will he have if the car breaks down? Tom and Ray say it is crazy--finding parts will be a nightmare. If he’s determined to do it, he should contact Hemmings and get a list of all the Citroen Clubs between NY and Minnesota.

Call 4

Terri LeClaire (Naknek, Alaska) - 1996 Dodge Dakota

When Terri drives a few miles and then lets the car sit for a few minutes, she has trouble starting it again--the car starts, but the engine dies unless she keeps the pedal floored. This only happens in warmer weather and the problem usually goes away after a few minutes. Ray thinks it It could be a bad coolant temperature sensor, bad coil, or fuel pump relay--she needs to find someone with some test equipment.

Call 5

Keller Grayson (Williamsburg, Virginia) - Volkswagen Beetle

Keller is hoping to sell this car but a large part of the front passenger floor is missing. He’d like to cover it with a street sign he got from a friend. Is there a way to install it without welding? Tom and Ray think it needs to be welded, but that could be dangerous because of the fuel lines. If he can’t find a pro to weld it, he needs to make sure prospective buyers know about the floor.

Call 6

Mitch Abador (Brooklyn, New York) - 1992 Ford Escort

Mitch’s car makes a whirring noise, like a baseball card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel when the engine is at 1400 RPM. Tom and Ray think it’s likely a loose heat shield. This should be easy for anyone to find when they put the car on a lift.

Call 7

Mark Trowbridge (Portland, Oregon) - 1963 Dodge Dart

Mark bought his Dart a few months ago. While driving back from the beach, he noticed a tapping sound coming from the engine. A mechanic said it was the tappet arms--Mark tried adjusting them, and the noise got louder. Another mechanic said it could be a piston rod bearing. Mark can get a rebuilt 64 Dart engine for $300--is it worth buying? Tom and Ray say he should buy the rebuilt engine and use it while he figures out exactly what’s wrong with his current engine.

Call 8

Jann Greenland (Little Rock, Arkansas) - 1995 Honda del Sol

Jann loves her car, but a year ago she got a 77-pound dog, and the dog throws up when it rides in the car. What new car should she get, and is there a way to test drive with the dog? Tom and Ray think the dog will likely do better in a pickup truck, with a cap.