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#1321: Bad Bread and a Chop Top Volvo

Original Air Date: 05.25.2013
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Can a nap a day can keep the cardiologist away?

Call 1

Robert (Davis, California) - 1990 Subaru Legacy

Robert’s car is overheating. He replaced the water pump and thermostat himself, when it first happened six months ago, but it overheated again. He’s also replaced the radiator and tried another thermostat. Tom and Ray think he failed to purge the system of air so that air is trapped in the engine and heater core. If purging air doesn’t fix the problem it could be a blown head gasket.

Call 2

Linda Wiesenquist (Seattle, Washington) - Volvo

Linda’s husband came inside one day and announced he’d “fixed the Volvo again"--this time, by cutting the top off the car. Is her newly converted convertible safe to drive? Tom and Ray say no. They suggest that he weld an I-Beam or a roll cage onto it. And buy two football helmets!

Call 3

Jeff Pixler (Clovis, New Mexico)

Jeff recently moved from New Orleans, below sea level, to Clovis, New Mexico, which has an elevation of 4600 feet. Since he’s moved, his bread maker isn’t working properly. His loaves fall and come out like hockey pucks. Tom and Ray say he needs to adjust his yeast amount to account for the altitude--experiment by cutting in half to start. He could also check the owner's manual.

Call 4

Gary Freiberger (Louisville, Kentucky) - 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

Six months ago, Gary’s mechanic told him that the valve on one cylinder was burned, but he didn't need to worry about it. He’s since moved and is going on a long road trip. His new mechanic told him to get the car fixed because the problem could “spread to other cylinders.” Tom and Ray agree with the second mechanic (sort of). The problem won’t “spread” like a disease, but it is making the other cylinders work harder, which could damage them.

Call 5

Anne Bowers (, Georgia) - 1996 Dodge Caravan

Stump the Chumps! Remember Anne's husband's vasectomy? Anne called because her car started making a loud buzzing noise after she raced her husband home from having his vasectomy reversed. She played a tape of the noise which Tom and Ray thought was from the starter. It wound up being the timing belt tensioner and idler pully. Wrong Answer! And, by the way, Anne hasn’t gotten pregnant, so it’s too soon to tell if the vasectomy reversal worked.

Call 6

Bruce Liebowitz (New York, New York) - 1993 Chrysler Concorde

Bruce inherited this car from his dad. On the drive to the cemetery, the battery died. He jump-started it and on the way home, the horn started blowing, the door locks started going up and down, and the trunk popped open. The trunk was draining the battery, so he got that fixed with duct tape and a cinder block, but his mechanic can’t figure out the other problems. Tom and Ray suspect that water somehow got into the relays that control the horn and power door locks. Bruce can get them replaced, or he can try disconnecting the negative battery terminal when he’s not using the car.

Call 7

Barbara Bennett (Sacramento, California) - Oldsmobile

Barbara’s keys fell through a vent in the dashboard. Her attempts to fish them out have left her with a magnet and fish hook stuck down there with them. The dealer wants $250 and says they'll have to take the dashboard out. Tom and Ray think there must be a creative, less expensive solution. There should be a way to get the stuff from underneath. They suggest trying a regular mechanic, instead of the dealer.

Call 8

Josh Lynch (Alexandria, Virginia) - 1988 Honda Accord

The front end of Josh's Accord shakes violently when he steps on the brake, regardless of what speed he’s going. Tom and Ray say he needs to get this checked out right away. If he's lucky it will just be a warped disc rotor, but it could also be bad ball joints or a bad tie rod end, both of which are very dangerous.

Call 9

Barbara Bolin (Memphis, Tennessee) - 1988 Honda Civic

Barbara’s husband is a “burper.” When he fills the gas tank, he bounces the car up and down to get as much air out, and as much gas in, as he can. Barbara thinks this is nuts. Tom and Ray side with Barbara. Filling the liquid gas level too high is bad for the evaporative emissions system.