Show Rundown

#1319: Click and Clack and Dear Old Ma

Original Air Date: 05.11.2013
Show Open Topic

Hello and welcome to Mom Talk...

Call 1

Sandy Weisell (Prescott, Arizona) - 1989 Mitsubishi Montero

Sandy's car makes a groaning noise when she accelerates. Her dealer claims they all make that sound but Sandy is skeptical. Tom and Ray say Sandy should go back to the dealer and insist that they find the source of the noise. Sandy asks Elizabeth for her advice on how to deal with kids constantly asking, "Are we there yet?"

Call 2

Jim Hurwich (Cincinnatti, Ohio)

Jim's mom lives in Chicago and has never needed to drive. Now that Jim's dad has died, his mom would like to get a car and learn so she can come visit Jim and his siblings who are all spread out. Jim wonders what kind of car she should get and who should teach her. Tom and Ray think she shouldn't learn just to come visit her kids; her kids should come to see her, or spring for her airfare.

Call 3

Leslie Skantz (North Hampton, Massachusetts)

Leslie teaches English at a Voc-Ed High School. Her students complain that they don't need to learn literature or any of that stuff. She wants to know what kind of students Tom and Ray were and how she can respond to her own students. Elizabeth says the boys were good students and she always made them do their homework. Tom and Ray explain why mechanics need a broad range of knowledge.

Call 4

Susan Gross (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1981 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight

Susan’s wondering whether it’s time to dump this car. She spent about $3500 on engine, transmission and other repairs about a year ago and now it needs another $500 worth of work. She was hoping to hand it down to her son. Ray says to dump it, but Tom says to keep it--she’s not going to find a better car for $500, and if she gets something newer, her son will destroy that one instead.

Call 5

Elizabeth Magliozzi (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Tom and Ray's mother calls in to bug the boys about smoking cigars and wearing undershirts. And to discuss the Magliozzi sister, Lucille, and their unique mother-daughter relationship.

Call 6

Carol Berman (, New York)

Doug Berman's mom calls in. She says he moved out and got a job producing Car Talk, but Tom and Ray are always complaining that he's never there. So where is he? Inquiring mothers want to know!

Call 7

Patrica Ball (Buhl, Idaho)

Patricia's mom was always a nervous driver. She drove slowly, signaled early, never passed. Over the last couple of years, Mom has turned into a wacko--she speeds, tailgates, passes on curves. What’s happened? Tom, Ray, and Elizabeth speculate that Mom feels liberated from not having to worry about the kids any more. They call Mom on the air to hear her explanation. She says she’s “bonded” with her new car, and feels more comfortable driving this way now.

Call 8

Linda (Wichita, Kansas) - 1987 Honda Accord

Linda has wind blowing in through the door handles which gets cold pretty quickly in windy Kansas. The dealer says it would be very expensive to fix because they’d have to take the door apart. Ray thinks it’s actually unfixable because of the door size, so Linda could try putting some putty in where air is leaking. They ask if she has kids, Linda says, “Thankfully, no.” Elizabeth’s response makes Tom spit his coffee out.