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#1318: The Great Lion Escape

Original Air Date: 05.04.2013
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"Hello, you're on Golf Cart Talk..."

Call 1

Terri (Bluebell, Pennsylvania) - 1998 Mercury Sable

Terri's car is making grinding sounds, accompanied by the gas and brake pedals vibrating. This happens whether she's actively braking or not. Tom and Ray think it's her ABS pump cycling on and off to deliver pressure. The pump may be bad or it could just be the way it works in this model.

Call 2

Stew (Altamont, New York) - Mazda

Stew's wife bought him this Mazda 300Z as a Father's Day gift. She paid about $1200 for it but it has chipped paint and dents. Stew wants to repaint, but the estimate was $2500 and his wife thinks that's too much. Now Stew wants Tom and Ray to convince his wife that it's worth the cash. They suggest a compromise: a cheaper paint job.

Call 3

Anne Bowers (Columbus, Georgia) - 1996 Dodge Caravan

Anne drove her husband to Florida to get his vasectomy reversed. (Tom and Ray wonder whether she's calling the right show, but it turns out her problem is car related after all.) She drove fast on the return trip because she wanted to get him home more quickly, but now the car is making a sort of grinding noise on starting. Did she do it? Tom and Ray think it’s the starter motor, and had nothing to do with her post-vasectomy wacko driving. (And, it's too soon to tell if the other procedure worked.)

Call 4

Andy Sawyer (Twin Falls, Idaho)

Andy is a budding shade-tree mechanic. When he has trouble getting a part off, he beats it off with his hammer. Friends have suggested he use propane instead--but that seems to contradict what he learned in Physics about metals expanding. Tom and Ray say heat works by breaking the rust bonds holding the part in but you need serious heat. They recommend that Andy to buy an acetalyne torch.

Call 5

Alyssa (St. Louis, Missouri) - 1986 Nissan Stanza

When Alyssa is driving, she smells raw gas inside the car. Three mechanics haven’t been able to find a problem. Tom and Ray say her mechanic needs to take an emissions tester and walk around the car until it registers unburned hydro-carbons. It will likely go bonkers when they get to the filler neck. There's likely a gas leak in the filler tube.

Call 6

Noah (Flagstaff, Arizona) - 1976 Dodge Van

Noah won’t be able to drive this car for more than a year and he's worried about what this will do to his car. Tom and Ray want to know why he won't be driving next year. Noah says his license was suspended, but our hosts speculate that he’s going to jail. But, they have good news for Noah. Since it’s in Arizona, the car should be fine if he empties the gas tank, puts it up on blocks, and stuffs the tailpipe so snakes don’t crawl in.

Call 7

Leslie Siemer (South Colby, Washington) - Chrysler

Leslie thinks her car committed “autocide.” It was parked at her in-laws and began rolling on its own, eventually crashing into a tree. It had a lot of problems; it needed a valve job, among other things, so she thinks it may have done itself in. Tom and Ray say the poor compression could have caused it to roll, or it could have been the clutch. Leslie also asks, “If a car crashes into a tree but nobody hears it, does it make a sound?”

Call 8

Newton (Venice, California) - Land Rover

Newton was travelling in Tanzania in a Land Rover that broke down overnight in the middle of lion country. His guide got it running by sitting on the engine with his hand over the carburetor; and he stayed like that for 60 miles until they reached the next town. Now Newton wonders what the guide was doing and how that worked. Tom and Ray say he was correcting the air fuel mixture going to the carburetor. It likely died due to a vacuum leak.