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#1316: Rambler Separation Anxiety

Original Air Date: 04.20.2013
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Memories of Mangos and a puzzler gone awry.

Call 1

Sukey Waldenburger (Tucson, Arizona) - 1994 Chevrolet Blazer

Sukey was rear-ended in a minor fender bender and after that, her car wouldn’t start. Her mechanic says her fuel pump is bad, but her insurance refuses to cover it saying a fuel pump could not have been damaged in that kind of accident. Tom and Ray think it’s unlikely the accident broke the fuel pump, but ask Sukey to mail it in, so they can examine it.

Call 2

Jake (Concord, New Hampshire) - 1986 Jeep Comanche

Jake is struggling with his shifter. The problem is most noticeable in 3rd gear, but also happens going into 1st and reverse. He’s been diligent about checking fluids so he knows that's not the problem. Tom and Ray think something inside the clutch may be broken, either the slave or master cylinder.

Call 3

Tim Taylor (Orlando, Florida) - 1989 Buick Park Avenue

Tim’s mom gifted him this car. Problem is, the air conditioner doesn’t work. Air comes through the defrost vents most of the time, but will occasionally switch and come from the regular vents at random intervals. His mechanic has replaced vacuum hoses and the electronic unit but it hasn’t helped. The problem is likely in the vent doors--the right ones aren’t opening and closing. Tom and Ray think he should go to a Buick dealer.

Call 4

Alex Goudas (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - Dodge

Alex hears a growling noise when he goes left at low speed. At higher speeds it turns into a whirring. He can't hear from his left ear, so he's not sure where the noise is coming from but it might be from the wheels. Tom and Ray say he should get it checked out. If it's a wheel bearing, it could be dangerous.

Call 5

Linda Skeens (Blacksburg, Virginia)

Linda's dad sold his 1966 Rambler to a 17-year-old neighbor for $150 without telling his kids. It was a beloved family heirloom and Linda and the rest of her siblings have a bad case of separation anxiety. How can she get closure? Tom and Ray have some ideas for Aromatherapy (try to replicate the smell, sound and feel of the Rambler). Or they could try to buy back the car from the neighbor kid. Maybe telling him that dear old dad lied about the condition of the car or some other ruse would work.

Call 6

Mike Scott (Okmulgee, Oklahoma) - 1985 Cadillac Seville

Mike's car was losing oil. Then, he loaned it to his daughter for a day. When she returned it, she said the tailpipe had come loose. But the car hasn't lost any oil since. Ray offers a complicated theory that he had a leaky head gasket, but when the tailpipe went, hot exhaust blew onto the gasket, cauterizing it. If the leak comes back after Mike replaces the tailpipe, Ray thinks it means his wacko theory is right.

Call 7

Greg Simpson (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - Mazda

Greg replaced the rear brake shoes on his truck. Three days later while driving, the brake pedal started pumping and building pressure on its own. He released the pressure at the master cylinder and drove on, but it happened again. Sometimes the front brakes lock up and sometimes the rear. Greg's wondering if he screwed it up. Tom andRay think he may be innocent. They suspect a faulty power booster in the front brakes.

Call 8

Les Block (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Tom's friend calls in. He heard that Tom was looking for him and he wants to know why!

Call 9

Christine Hutchison (Portland, Oregon) - Mazda Millenia

Christine is 15 years old and just got her learner's permit. Her mom has taught other student drivers with no problem, but whenever mom goes out with Christine, she freaks out. How can Christine keep her mom calm on their drives? Tom and Ray think the problem may be Christine. Maybe she's a klutz! They suggest a professional driving school with a two-control car.