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#1315: The 1962 Corvette Urn

Original Air Date: 04.13.2013
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An MG owner leaps to Tommy's defense!

Call 1

Paul Belcher (Eagle River, Wisconsin) - 1996 Chevrolet Suburban

On a recent family road trip, Paul couldn’t hear his turn signal but his wife and daughters could, even from the back seat. He wants to hook up some device to make the sound more noticeable but Tom and Ray think the problem is with Paul’s hearing. He may not be hearing the frequency the signal uses, so he should see an audiologist.

Call 2

Coco Comer (Manhattan Beach, California) - 2000 Ford Escape

Coco’s car had 15,000-trouble-free miles until she had to replace the transmission. Now, when she goes over any bump, the car dies. It re-starts right away when she puts it in park. Tom and Ray think the transmission guys left a wire disconnected, or didn’t tighten something. This should be an easy problem to find and fix for any mechanic.

Call 3

Marni Gasser (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Marni’s Dad died recently and he loved his Corvette. Now Marni wonders if she can pour some of her father's ashes into the gas tank and combust them. Tom and Ray say it’s a bad idea that will likely clog the carburetor. Ray suggests sprinkling ashes into the tires. Tom suggests putting them in the ashtray, and then having it laminated.

Call 4

Gamin (Birmingham, Alabama) - 1988 Honda Civic

The day after Gamin drove through a large, deep puddle, the car started making a “Wheel of Foortune” sound when she stepped on the brakes. The noise went away when she took it to her mechanic. Tom and Ray say it’s possible the puddle caused some rust on the rotors, or warped the discs. The problem should be pretty easy to see if she can get her mechanic to put the car up on a lift.

Call 5

Clive Dawson (Austin, Texas) - 1999 Toyota Camry

Clive bought this car from his neighbor with 32,000 miles on it. It was fine on his test drive. The day he got it, Clive’s 18-year-old son took the car out and then called three hours later to say the clutch was fried. Could Clive’s son have killed a clutch that quickly? Tom and Ray say he could have managed it if he was hot-rodding, or didn’t know what he was doing. The son’s friend Scott was also in the car, so he is also a suspect. Ray suggests interrogation. Tom also think the previous owner may have created the problem before Clive got the car.

Call 6

Ian Martins (Olympia, Washington) - 1987 Saab 900

Ian’s car has begun popping out of reverse and second gear. Tom and Ray have to deliver the bad news: it means his transmission is going. He can try avoiding second gear, but ultimately if he wants to keep the car, he’ll need to put in a new or rebuilt transmission.

Call 7

Kim (, Virginia)

Stump the Chumps! A while back, Kim called to get help with her overheating car. Tommy insisted that the problem was caused by hot coolant leaking out onto the thermostat and making the temperature gauge fly up at random intervals. Was he right?

Call 8

Biju Rau (Williamstown, Massachusetts) - 1994 Honda Civic

Bijou falls asleep every night at 10:00 p.m. sharp, regardless of where he is, or what he’s doing. How can he make sure this doesn’t happen while he’s driving? Tom and Ray suggest device that clips around the ear and sends an alarm when the head begins to dip.