Show Rundown

#1314: Stump the Salesman

Original Air Date: 04.06.2013
Show Open Topic

"The fighter had a hungry look, like the kind you get from not eating," and other bad metaphors and similes.

Call 1

Liberty Leeds (Boise, Idaho) - 1990 Nissan 240SX

Liberty's steering wheel shakes at speeds between 35- and 65-mph. And her brakes are still squeaking after a full replacement. Tom and Ray are not too worried about the brakes but they think she should get her steering wheel checked out right away. They think it could be a bad ball joint or a bad tire.

Call 2

Tony Frasca (Katonah, New York) - Saab

Tony's Saab is losing radiator fluid and emanating a sweet smell when the heat is on. Tony's teenaged son drives the car to school and says the fumes are affecting him. It's true that his grades have fallen, he dropped AP history and stopped cleaning his room. Tom and Ray think he should get it fixed because inhaling ethylene glycol vapors isn't good, although it's probably a stretch to blame them for typical teenage behavior.

Call 3

Chris (Keystone, Colorado) - 1992 Ford Ranger

Chris just spent four months as a ski bum in Colorado. She's headed back to Chicago to pick up her her truck which now has a dead battery and a flat tire. She wants to know whether there's anything else she should have looked at before driving it. Tom and Ray say she should have the oil checked and have a mechanic put it up on a lift to make sure everything looks okay, but otherwise she should be fine.

Call 4

Andrew Perlman (New Haven, Connecticut) - 1992 Honda Civic

Andrew has noticed that some people tend to keep their foot on the clutch at stoplights. Andrew thinks this wears out the clutch prematurely. Does it? Tom and Ray say it probably won't wear out the release bearing, but could damage other parts like the cable. Tom thinks it's not a big deal, as so many people are guilty of this, but Ray sides with Andrew that it's wrong.

Call 5

Michele (San Francisco, California) - Volvo

When it rains, Michele's windshield wipers come on spontaneously and won't shut off. Eventually the battery dies, and the charging system goes down. Nobody has been able to figure this one out. Tom and Ray think there are two problems. The wipers go on when it rains because water gets into the wiper relay and causes a short circuit. The battery is due to an under-active charging system that's not putting out enough power.

Call 6

Mark Bizial (Malone, New York) - 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier

Mark's engine sometimes acts like it’s not getting gas. The engine seems to misfire. The problem went away when his speedometer cable broke but came back when it was fixed. Tom and Ray say the cable also runs the vehicle speed sensor, which is the likely cause of the problem--it’s sending a bad air/fuel mix to the computer. It should have turned on the Check Engine light.

Call 7

LaDell Cheatham (New Orleans, Louisiana)

LaDell is just starting as a car salesman. He was telling a customer about torque and horsepower. But when the customer asked him to explain the difference between the two, LaDell was stumped. Tom and Ray explain torque vs. horsepower, and then dive into a subject they really understand: the dangers of trying to talk about stuff you don’t know anything about.

Call 8

Liz Como (Lovel, Maine) - 1990 Toyota Pickup

Liz uses her truck to haul 23 sled dogs. She’s wondering if it’s worth converting to a flat-bed, so she can put a double-decker dog box on it, or if she should just get a new (used) truck. Tom and Ray say to dump the Toyota, and get something more heavy duty. Tom suggests a Ford F-150, and Rays recommends a 250 or 350.