Show Rundown

#1313: Aspen Rehabilitation

Original Air Date: 03.30.2013
Show Open Topic

Superglue is forever, and other tidbits of wisdom from six-year-olds.

Call 1

Caroline Dupree (, Vermont) - 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

Caroline dropped a penny in her steering wheel. It’s now stuck and is causing the horn to blow intermittently. She’s afraid of setting off the airbag while trying to extricate it. Tom and Ray suggest she find a mechanic (preferably one wearing a football helmet) who can take off the horn pad.

Call 2

David Berg (Placerville, California) - 1987 Nissan Pickup

David’s truck seems to hesitate at certain RPMs, and when he accelerates slowly. It’s embarrassing because it makes it look like he can’t drive a stick, and it’s throwing his dog all over the place. Tom and Ray think he has a bad circuit in the carburetor. They suggest he try additives first because fixing a bad circuit is going to cost him.

Call 3

Donna Hudson (Grand Forks, North Dakota) - Dodge

Donna hates her husband's car, a 1977 Dodge Aspen. He refuses to part with it since it runs like a champ, despite its horrible looks. How can she convince him to dump it? Tom and Ray say she can’t--her best hope may be to get students at the University her husband works at to make it an art project, so it looks better.

Call 4

Pamela Ray (Tulsa, Oklahoma) - 1990 Ford Thunderbird

Pam’s car makes a creaking, arthritic sound in cold weather. It’s most noticeable when she goes over bumps and seems to come from the front end. The car has been making this noise for five years, but her son usually drives it and she thinks he can’t hear over his loud music. Tom and Ray suspect that it could be a bearing at the top of the strut or a bushing. If she asks her mechanic to push the car up and down, they should be able to figure out what’s making the noise.

Call 5

Bob Mancoff (Babylon, New York) - Saturn

Bob prefers to drive small cars. He wonders, if he sees a large vehicle coming towards him, and a head-on collision is inevitable, are his survival chances better if he speeds up or slows down? Tom and Ray think he’s better off slowing down--but suggest learning evasive measures as the best strategy.

Call 6

Ann (Altoona, Pennsylvania) - 1994 Subaru Legacy

Ann’s Subaru is having recurring overheating problems. She’s had her heater core replaced three times, and last time, mechanics flushed the radiator and found a milky white substance they thought might be clogging it. But even after all that, the car overheated again. Tom and Ray think she has a blown head gasket.

Call 7

Sanjay Chouduri (San Francisco, California) - 1997 Plymouth Neon

Sanjay’s Neon has a recurring starting problem. Often when he tries to start it he hears several clicks, but the car won’t start. Nine times out of 10, he can start the car if he pumps the gas. Tom and Ray think the gas pumping is a red herring and the problem is a corroded battery terminal end.

Call 8

Sue Wegman (, New Jersey) - Subaru

Sue called because her car made a squealing sound on left turns, and the noise went away when she stepped on the brake. Tom and Ray said it was the wear sensor on her front brakes. Did they get it right this time, or did Sue manage to Stump the Chumps?

Call 9

Jack (Davis, California)

Jack and his fiancee have a disagreement over stop sign etiquette. If his fiancee is the first car at a four-way stop, but is having a conversation, she will not go until she finishes talking. Jack thinks this creates chaos for everyone at the intersection and enrages other drivers. Tom and Ray start to speculate on male and female conversational differences, but ultimately tell Jack he’s on his own.