Show Rundown

#1307: The Giving Trunk

Original Air Date: 02.16.2013
Show Open Topic

A listener wonders, "Does the world need both a Click AND a Clack?"

Call 1

Jessie Powell (Walla Walla, Washington) - Volvo

Jessie’s having a steering issue. When she’s driving around 60 mph on the highway, and comes to a right bend, the steering wheel sticks--there’s kind of a little jerk--and she needs to give it an extra tug to keep going. Tom and Ray say part of her rack and pinion is worn out, and she needs a new rack. Eventually, the steering will lock, so she needs to get this fixed.

Call 2

James Landi (Charleston, South Carolina) - 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood

James bought this car from a neighbor several months ago. Recently, James opened the trunk to look for something, and found $3200 in small bills. Does he need to tell the previous opwner about the money? Tom and Ray say legally the money belongs to James, but morally, he should tell his neighbor. He should also keep looking, because there may be more money hidden in the car.

Call 3

Mary Boudwin (New Orleans, Louisiana) - 1995 Dodge Caravan

Mary’s having trouble adjusting her side mirrors to eliminate the blind spot--she’s used to driving smaller cars, and never had trouble with them. Tom and Ray explain how to adjust, and send her to the website to for additional help.

Call 4

Barry Trachenberg (Los Angeles, California)

Barry’s never owned a car, but he recently moved to L.A. He’s been bicycling and has gotten hit twice, and is wondering if it’s time to give in and get a car--but he’s worried that this will change his life completely. Tom and Ray tell him not to give in--to try to tough it out without a car.

Call 5

Scott (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Scott hears a “musical tone” coming from under the hood--it sounds like a French horn, and he only hears it while idling. The car runs fine. Ray suggests a vacuum leak, and that Barry get someone to try to locate the noise with a piece of hose.

Call 6

Jane Merriman (Chandler, Arizona) - 1993 Honda Civic

Jane is hearing a knocking sound from her trunk--she first noticed it while going up and down mountains, but now she also hears it on level ground. It sounds like someone’s in the trunk, banging on the side with a hammer. A mechanic told her it might be the exhaust. Tom and Ray think it’s likely suspension related--most likely a bad coil spring. She should get it checked because it could be dangerous.

Call 7

Ari Kirschenbaum (Lincoln, Vermont) - Ford F350

This is Ari's plow truck. While plowing at night, his wife noticed “mini explosions” coming from underneath. Ari’s done a bunch of work--including new plugs--but, given how cold it is, can he make it to spring without the truck blowing up? Tom and Ray think Ari messed up the plug wiring, so gas is getting into open cylinders. He can get someone to show him the correct wiring scheme, or pay someone to come out and fix it.

Call 8

Maria Theresa Palmer (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) - 1992 Mazda Protege

Maria is a pastor, and her congregation think she needs a new car. They collected $2500 to help pay, so she can spend about $10k. She also has three kids, and needs something that will last a long time. Tom and Ray suggest a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey.