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#1305: The Great Snorkel Experiment

Original Air Date: 02.02.2013
Show Open Topic

This car radio knows two morons.

Call 1

Adrienne Banks (Sisters, Oregon) - Saab

Husband is into rocks. As a birthday present, she wants to surprise him by driving three hours to Portland and buying a bunch. How many can she load into the truck without damaging the car? Tommy uses the Mother in Law principle and says she can probably carry 500-600 pounds. Ray suggests she rent a small van instead.

Call 2

Rob Richardson (, Arizona) - 1984 Ford F150

Rob’s truck is going through oil, about a quart every 150 miles, but he can’t tell where it’s going. He doesn’t see smoke. He has replaced valve guide seals, and had the compression checked. Tom and Ray say the problem is likey the rings -- he needs a ring job. Tom and Ray also discuss the “kerosene solution”.

Call 3

Ron (Boise, Idaho) - 1993 Subaru Impreza

Ron bought this car off Craigslist for his daughter, but she took his Jeep, so he’s driving it. When he slows down, below 5mph, it makes a cooing sound like a dove. It doesn’t matter if he uses the brakes or not. Ray thinks the sound is there all the time, he’s just not hearing it. Ray's first thought is that it's the wheel bearing, but given the high pitch of the sound, more likely it’s a stuck emergency brake. He should get it checked before he gives the car back to his daughter.

Call 4

Wendy Gronbeck (, Iowa) - 1988 Honda Prelude

Stump the Chumps! Wendy called because her car windows fogged up, only when her husband rode with her. Tom and Ray thought fogging must be caused by husband’s breathing, and suggested Wendy have him breathe through a snorkel out a window. She tried the snorkel, and no fogging. Right Answer. Only problem now is, how can her husband breathe in her car?

Call 5

Matt Gamage (Anchorage, Alaska) - 2000 Honda CR-V

Matt’s having an intermittent heating problem. He only gets heat when the car is moving, with his foot on the accelerator. If RPM’s go below 1,000, he loses heat. Tom and Ray say the prolem is likely low coolant--Matt just had a bunch of work done, and mechanics may not have put enough coolant back in.

Call 6

Steve Delay (Seattle, Washington) - 1967 Ford Pickup

Steve has a tale of brake woe. He was going to sell the truck, but the brakes felt mushy. So, he bought new shoes and a master cylinder. He got the shoes on, and the next morning, the truck rolled down his driveway, and crashed into his neighbor’s carport. Now, he’s replaced the master cylinder, but the pedal still feels mushy. Tom and Ray say he needs to properly bleed the system--get an assistant to help, and bleed each wheel’s brakes one at a time.

Call 7

Rain (Ocean Ridge, Florida) - 1988 Acura Integra

Rain went away for 3 months, and when she came back, she discovered her car had leaked, and there was mold on the seats -- also, a major ant colony. Tom and Ray recommend bleach to deal with the mold, but tell her she's on her own with the ants. She says she’s used Citrus Magic, and that helped.